May 2017







I would like to remind Members that all guests must be signed in and may only be signed six times in any year in total.  They must be accompanied by their host (Club Regulation 11.1, 11.2). Please see the revised “Visitor’s Book” in the River Room.  

It has become increasing apparent that a significant number of Members are  abusing the Club and its membership by bringing guests into the club on numerous occasions which contravenes the rules and is unfair to other Members. Unfortunately both Club staff and General Committee members have met with unwarranted displeasure when politely reminding Members of their obligations.

The signing in of every non-Member is a legal requirement of our licence to sell alcohol. It is the responsibility of all Members to ensure that these rules are properly observed. Failing to do so risks our Club contravening the terms of our license.

Regulation 9 covers all forms of Temporary Membership and the duration of Temporary Membership and Regulation 10 covers Competitors in Club Competitions.

Clive Sparrow, Vice-Commodore


New Members

We welcome the following new Members to the Club:
  • Michael & Susi Carrington
  • James Frame
  • Robert & Carol Harris
  • Arthur Connolly
  • Rosie Gaskell
  • Trevor & Alison Pritchard


I would like to start by congratulating Gillian and James and their teams for not only improving the quality and consistency of the food and service in the Club, but also making a small profit for the Club in March, rather than the loss that had been budgeted for. We have also been scored a “5” (the top score) for our food hygiene. Well done!


April has been busy: not only with the start of the sailing season but also with Jive, Bridge and Yoga Classes, the last quiz and a lot of functions for members, a number for Class Associations and some Corporate events. I have had a lot of good feedback, however we do want to keep improving so if you are ever not completely satisfied, please let us know either immediately if you want us to rectify the problem there and then, or later using a feedback form or by email. I am hoping to start putting the results of the feedback forms on the website soon.
We are starting another book club, as the first is oversubscribed. Liz Jarman has volunteered to co-ordinate it.  Anyone who is interested please email her at  for more details as I am sure the places will fill up quickly!
We are also starting kids’ high tea on Fridays once a month from 5-7pm in the Needles Room and Balcony Room, so members with young families can have a drink with their friends whilst their children play and eat tea. There will be the usual children’s menu plus things like pasta dishes and pizza. Please email Gillian for further details.
For new members, there is a monthly meeting in the bar at 18:30 on the last Friday of the month, hosted by members of the social committee. Introductions can be made, questions answered and supper is available for those who want to stay. We hope that it will be a good way of helping new members integrate into the Club and as we are now getting 30-40 diners every Friday, there is a good atmosphere.

Restaurant and Bar

We have a new à la carte menu this month, to make it more interesting for those who eat at the Club regularly, and we are always looking for ideas for menus for the future so please email in any ideas to . We are also moving the Club Table to a round table at the request of several members as it is much more social, so please keep an eye out for it.
The Jazz evening was very successful and we are planning to run one monthly when we have space in the calendar so do keep a look-out.
We now have “Happy Hours” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 5:30pm to 7:00pm as well as afternoon teas on Wednesday and Saturdays, an excellent new coffee machine and the new Coffee Mongers Cafeti√®res are proving popular, so do come down and enjoy the sunset with the best view in Lymington.
As part of the review of the wine list we have decided to limit the Club mark-up to the corkage fee. This means that the better wines we stock are much cheaper than elsewhere. We have an excellent Sancerre, Chablis and dessert wine and are planning to stock some better red wines as well so keep a lookout for the new wine list.
Priory Wines (who give members a 15% discount) are not only providing wines as spot prizes for boats doing Thursday Nights, but are also going to run a wine tasting evening for their summer wines in the coming weeks.

Members’ Survey Findings

I gave gone through the 440 replies to the member’s survey. The most common complaint was about the quality and consistency of the food, which I hope we are addressing. The next most common comment was that we should do something about the ambiance of the first floor, especially the River Room and Dining (Solent) Room. For that I need help from those members who are skilled in this area. We already have plans for enlarging the windows in the dining room and opening up the Island Room, replacing the old wooden partitions with soundproof, bifold, frosted glass screens. Is that a good idea? Is there something we could do with soft furnishings and movable partitions? Should we install sound dampening in the Bar? Some members have suggested we paint the panelling white, however we have done that before and hated it! Please email me if you have any ideas or would like to help.

Families in the Club

I have now had two incidents where Members drinking at the bar during the day have taken it upon themselves to ask families sitting at tables in the River Room or Bar to leave the Club as the children’s behaviour was intrusive. Regulation 12.5 states that children under 14 y.o. ‘en famille’ are welcome in the bar until 1900. The view of the General Committee is that even if Members feel that the behaviour of other Members or their children is offending them, it is unacceptable to ask them to leave. The correct course of action is to speak to a member of staff all of whom have been trained in how to manage the situation.


Roger Wilson, Rear Commodore House



Did you know that the Club has a number of Members who play on land as well as water?

The Lymington Yachtsmen’s’ Golf Society and the Seagals have for some time now played 6 or so competitions a year on local courses.  They even play each other in September every year.  Both are light-heartedly competitive and a great way to meet people that you may not come across on the water. 

The Seagals even stay away overnight for one of the fixtures, but the men have not yet been that adventurous.

If you are interested in joining either group and have an active golf handicap then please get in touch with Rod Perry or John Thunhurst.
Liz Thunhurst

Wheelies Join the Club

The Club has hosted an informal off-season cycling group for many years. Some say it started as a way of savouring fine wines in different locations around the county without taking the car. Whatever the purpose, it has stayed informal and friendly and has developed its own personality. It focuses on moderate distances at moderate speeds, with a good proportion of the distance ridden off-road. So 20 miles  would be a good outing on tarmac, and 15-odd on the wonderful gravel trails in the forest.

Oh yes and we normally end with a drink and a lunch at a pub.
We ride fortnightly on Fridays, when sailing isn't getting in the way: October to April. Last year we tried  a couple of summer rides with some success.


Dusting off your bike is a great way of meeting other Members, of getting some good exercise, and discovering more about the countryside around you. If you fancy joining in, on a trial basis or for good, please email me. We will show you how to sign on to receive messages about future rides.

Pictured are some of the highlights of recent rides: from the top of the Island to the top of the Forest via Christchurch Bay.

George Trevelyan





Duo Race Series - Fun but Competitive Double Handed racing 

Seven races in total - Saturdays throughout the season: two races in May, one race in June, July and August, two races in September

Interesting and varied courses, not just “round the cans”.  Typically 2- 3 hour races – Christchurch Bay, Mid/West Solent and the best of all:

Round The Island. For those of you who dread the early morning trip to Cowes and the long slog back home for the usual RTI, why not try the Duo RTI – door to door sailing – start and finish at the RLymYC platform – back in time for an early doors beer. Special prize for this event.

Classes for IRC and Lymington Handicap, with an option to enter as “Non-spinnaker” for the Series.

John Turner, Captain of Cruiser Racing



Dinghies – Monday Evening Pursuit Race

The return of the Monday Evening Pursuit Race.  Provisional date is 19th June, so this will replace the last race of the Early series on the calendar.  It's a stand-alone race with its own prizes, so doesn't count for the series.  More details to follow.

Luke McEwen, Captain of Dinghies





Future events

The next major cruising event is a trip to The RAF Yacht Club on the River Hamble at the next Bank Holiday on 27th – 28th May  Thereafter a Cruising Supper on 9th June and the Summer Cruise commencing (officially) that weekend.  Following events include day trips to the Medina and Hornet Sailing Club at Gosport.  Full details on the Cruising page.

Club Charter Cruise in Croatia, 2nd- 9th September 2017

A Club cruise is taking place from the 2nd - 9th September with boats that are based near Split being charted through Cosmos Yachting.  Having spoken to Cosmos at the beginning of May, they still have some boats available. These range from Bavaria's 37', 40's and 42' and a Dufour 412.  The cruising area is well suited to all types of cruising, with plenty of marinas, anchorages, islands and shelter.

For further details email Sue Sutherland or phone or phone 01590676604. Alternatively, call Ryan Bird at Cosmos - 02088780880 and mention the Royal Lymington Yacht Club Cruise.

Perrin Towler, Captain of Cruising


Past Events

Spring Meet May Bank Holiday weekend - 29th April at Bembridge

Over the May Bank Holiday weekend the Club’s Cruisers set off for a sojourn at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.  The Spring Meet provides a target for those fitting out and an opportunity to for a shakedown sail early in the season.  It also allows for a break from the familiar routine in Lymington.

The forecast was typically changeable – as so often the case with the early bank holiday and there a smattering of light rain as the sailing boats readied to catch the tide at 0700 on Saturday morning.  However the wind filled in during the forenoon and more than one of the participating boats took a reef off Ryde about midday.  The southerly wing made for calm conditions and come 1300 there was sufficient water for al to pass over the bar.
It is always a pleasure to visit Bembridge with the slick operations team led by Gordon the manager there and ten of the fifteen boats attending were swiftly rafted up on the Duver pontoon.  Ours was one of three rallies taking place and the sunny afternoon allowed for a stroll along the pontoon and a wander further afield.  It was still warm when the Members mustered for the evening BBQ, made all the more pleasant by the availability of a marquee.

On Sunday the weather turned somewhat blustery and there was much discussion of fronts and strong winds – so much so that a significant number of boats from other rallies headed back for the mainland.  The afternoon saw a number of showers, but with the tide falling the harbour remained calm and peaceful – allowing a restorative nap before dinner in the Bembridge Sailing Club.  This proved most enjoyable as the Club opened specially for us and the catering team looked after us royally.  The low spring tide meant that the water taxi dropped off and pick up from the beach, but we all returned to the pontoon with only a dusting of sand – Bembridge’s trademark.

Fortune favours the bold and Bank Holiday Monday broke bright and sunny with no sign of the tempests previously foretold.  The slow moving low had settled over the Island and yachts sailed in a light cyclonic breeze, which allowed for steady homeward progress as the ebb tide strengthened beneath the keels on passage west.  The motor yachts too enjoyed benign sea conditions and made considerably better time dodging the showers fringing the New Forest.
All in all the trip made for a leisurely break from routine and a hint of a warmer month in the offing.

Perrin Towler, Captain of Cruising


The competition is open to all Club Members of any age. Subject: A photograph to be taken on or around the water. Judging is to be done by DAVID BAILEY who will also be the speaker at the talk on Wednesday 22nd November.
  • Each person may enter 1 A4 print.
  • Closing date: strictly Friday 17th November 2017.
  • Cameras, I-pads, drones, telephones may be used.
  • Our younger Members are encouraged to enter.

All photographs will be displayed in the Clubhouse during the Member’s Art Exhibition 24th to 27th November.
Queries to Harvie Woolley.

Harvey Woolley



Firstly a big thank you to race officer Simon van der Byl and his race team for running the Portmore Spring Series under challenging conditions with very light winds for three Sundays followed by rather too much on the last Sunday it was certainly an eventful start to the season.  Monday Evening Dinghies, and  the XOD and Folkboat series are now both underway and would welcome any Members new to volunteering to gain some experience and perhaps put into practise the skills learnt during the winter Race Team Training events.

Please contact Vicky or the event coordinators to arrange.

XOD and Folkboat                          Malcolm McKeag
Monday Evening Dinghies            Ann Brunskill
Office                                                 Vicky Lean

On Monday evenings and during dinghy events a spare pair of hands is always welcome on the slipway helping to speed up boats launching and coming ashore. If you find yourself free at short notice when we have an event on please  contact the office to see if you can be of help and don’t forget you can always update your details on the online Volunteers Form.

Jane Corden



Youth Keelboats

The first keelboat training session of the year took place on 28th April. It was a lively evening with winds of 15 gusting 19 kts. Everyone was comfortable helming a J80 but learning to tack was a much more challenging affair. The young sailors were learning how to work as part of a new team and how to move around each other. The loads on the sheets are so much bigger than on a dinghy that the sailors had to learn safe ways of using winches and handling sheets. Cross winching was a new concept that takes a bit of practise.

Using the kite in fairly lively conditions was a challenge but all went well with plenty of preparation for hoisting and dropping. Our foredeck man was given plenty of advice about watching the kite to make sure it didn't drop in the water and he did it perfectly! No disasters. Phew! The kite trimmer was a bit of a 29er expert so no problems there.

The next session will be towards the end of May and hopefully more frequently after that. Check out the RLymYC Youth Keelboat Facebook page for more photos and videos For more information, contact the Club office or Clare Carden.
Clare Carden, Captain of Juniors


RYA Courses at the Club


RYA Youth Sailing Scheme

Stage 1 17th & 18th June
31st July & 1st August
7th & 8th August
£110 - Member
        £150 - Non Member
Stage 2 10th & 11th April
13th & 14th May
1st & 2nd July
3rd & 4th August
10th & 11th August
Stage 3 15th & 16th July
14th & 15th August
Stage 4 17th & 18th August

Ladies First

Tuesday PM
25 Apr, 2, 9, 16 & 23 May

Ladies Beginner Course
8, 15, 22 May
9.30am - 2.45pm

Monday AM & PM
5, 12, 19, 26 June, 3 & 10 July

Tuesday AM & PM
6, 13, 20, 27 June, 4 & 11 July

Monday AM & PM
11, 18, 25 Sept, 2, 9 & 16 Oct

Tuesday AM & PM
12, 19, 26 Sept, 3, 10 & 17 Oct
Ladies Beginner Course
£110 - Member
£150 - Non Member

5 Week Course
£95 - Member
£130 - Non Member

6 Week Course
£115 - Member
£155 - Non Member

AM Sessions - 09:30 - 12:00
PM Sessions - 12:15 - 14:45


Full details of courses for all are on the Club website. Click here.



Monday Evening Dinghies got off to a cracking start.  29 boats took to the water on the first evening and a magnificent 32 on the Bank Holiday Monday, including a number of family crewed boats, which was particularly nice to see.  40 boats have competed so far: it is shaping up to be an excellent season.  Three training sessions have been held and the results are visible in the improved racing performance within the fleet.

The regular Thursday Potters are well underway, with Graham Neal and team leading good size fleets around our local waters.  The first of our picnic Potters will be on Thursday, 11th May, when the Potterers are off to Pylewell.
The Lymington River Scow Association is organising a ‘Travellers Trophy’ this year and the first leg is at Keyhaven on Sunday 14th May.  Some details are to be found on the LRSCA website. The Sailing instructions for the Keyhaven event are on the KYC website.

Continuing the fun and friendly theme, we welcome the Beaulieu River Sailing Club on Friday 19 May for a single race starting at 17.45 at the Club line.  We plan an event much like a Monday evening race, including supper afterwards to entertain our visitors.  The Notice of Race is on the website and the latest time to enter is 17.00 on the day, but do please sign up on the Scow notice board.
Going into June, an advance reminder about the first of our special races, the Hinxman Trophy, on Tuesday 6 June.  Finally, we are delighted to welcome a number of new members this month.


Robin Taunt, Captain of Scows





Junior Regatta 21st - 25th August 17

Mothership for Scow Fleet required for Junior Regatta … Can You Help? 

This year’s Junior Regatta is looking for a motherships for the Scows.    The ideal mothership is owner-crewed preferably with a cockpit, roomy cabin and facilities for making hot drinks to accommodate at least two to five5 children in need of TLC, with  dinghies tied astern.  Boats would be a min of 20ft in length and an ability to get into more shallow waters for the Scow fleet.    The role of a mothership is to take wet cold children on board and look after them until they are ready and confident enough to go sailing again. It is an invaluable role and each mothership is equipped with hot chocolate, biscuits and sweets as well as tow ropes. 

Motherships are usually anchored down-tide of each race area and crewed by experienced sailors They are on the water during racing Monday – Thursday and, one or two are required for the Friday fun day. 

If you can help by lending your boat please contact Shireen Crowe who co-ordinates the Junior Regatta volunteers on mobile: 07879417177.  


The new PRO for the 2017 Junior Regatta is Gary Barnett.   Gary and his family have been involved in the Club for many decades, stepfather Ken Kershaw was PRO for Junior Regatta for a number of years during the 1990's. Gary’s first experience of race management was as a mark layer for the Junior regatta in 1988, and then as Race officer for the Solent fleet throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  His son, Harry, has enjoyed sailing at the Club for nearly a decade  including racing at Youth Week and in 2016 volunteered as an assistant mark layer.  

Gary was part of the 2012 Paralympic race team volunteering as a mark layer and has a broad range of experience in race management having served as PRO for the Club's Spring Series, Easter Regatta, and for a number of dinghy and keel boat events. Gary has also served on the Club's House Committee and the Racing sub-committee.  He will be supported by a the Club’s professional race team plus an experienced and strong team of volunteers from the Club both on and off the water. 

In his day job, Gary is a widely respected technology analyst and leads a team of researchers who are focused on helping the UK Public Sector transform itself, he also serves as the CTO for an environmental non-profit Deliver Change.

Shireen Crowe


Optimists Selections 2017

We all went to Weymouth for the Selection Trials, where the first five go to the Worlds (Thailand), the next seven to the Europeans (Bulgaria) and the next eight to the Development Team (this year Cyprus).
It’s against the 80 top ranked sailors and the atmosphere is very stressed. Everyone is hopeful for a place. The parents are desperate for a place. And the coaches would do anything for a place.
The first day was light and I didn’t make too many mistakes, so at the end of the day was lying 4th. This was, for all of us (dad, brother, cousin, buddies etc) too exciting and we could barely sleep! The next day we were out in Weymouth Bay and maybe I was looking out for dolphins too much but it didn’t go quite so well. The long (8 hour) days out in the big waves with no support are very tough for the younger, lighter sailors like me so I took a bit of a knock.
The next day was squally and I found it hard to get my rig set for the conditions, as they changed so much. But I worked hard and it paid off as I got better and better through the day.
The 4th day ended up being abandoned for no wind so just the 10 races, with only 1 discard. But I ended up getting selected for the European Championships, to be held at Port Bourgas, Bulgaria on the Black Sea! I’ve never heard of any of that so I can only think that a great adventure awaits!

Henry Heathcote




Date for the Diary

24th/25th June - Royal Lymington Youth Laser Regatta

U21 open meeting for all three rigs.  Please email us if you are interested or would like to be added to our mailing list


The 4.7 fleet has had a very busy couple of months, there have been Worlds qualifiers as well as Summer Squad qualifiers to compete in. At the first Summer Squad qualifier, held at Datchet in early April we had 4 sailors in the top 10; well done to Drew Barnes (3rd), Lizzie Beardsall (8th), Sam de la Feuillade (9th) and Tom Mitchell (10th). The last Summer Squad qualifier is coming up in May and is at Rutland.
Over Easter a number of GBR 4.7 Laser sailors travelled to Murcia in Spain to take part in the 4.7 European Championships. This was a tough event for our sailors, for many it was also their first taste of a major European event, but they all did well and had a great time, not just sailing but making new friendships.
Our thanks must go to our great coaches Hannah Snellgrove, Greg Carey, Robbie Claridge and recently Alex Mills-Barton for helping to prepare our sailors so well.
Future 4.7 training dates: Tuesday nights - 4.7 training – first date is 9th May . Please contact the Club to book and pay for your place.
Clare de la Feuillade, Captain of Laser 4.7s


Since last reporting in March the Radials have been very busy. On the training front, we were delighted to welcome two new sailors to the regular group in April. Both reported back that it was some of the best training they have had.

On the event side, the group has been busy completing their Worlds and Euros qualifiers and competing at the Youth Nationals. Congratulations to all on their Youth Nationals results.  Arthur Fry has been selected for the British Youth Sailing Team for the Youth Radial Worlds 2017 in Holland and Matilda Nicholls has been selected for Worlds and  the Euros Team in Poland.   (picture - Arthur Fry and Matilda Nicholls, top U17 boy and girl in the Radials at the Youth Nationals).

Boys’ event (53 sailors): Arthur Fry, 5th overall and 1st U17, Henry Beardsall, 17th overall, Harry Cowell, 23rd overall, Arthur Connolley, 26th overall.

Girls' event (25 sailors): Matilda Nicholls, 4th overall, 1st U17 and selected for the British Sailing Team for the Worlds and Euros, Natalya Williams, 22nd overall

Plans are underway to get these sailors to the Worlds in Holland and Euros in Poland, where we are hoping for great things from team RLym. The sailors are now in GCSE purdah, so there will be little to report for a couple of months.

Fiona Fry, Captain of Laser Radials



The 420s are surely having as good a time of things as they ever have done. Local racing on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays; training and coached racing in Weymouth and Lymington with fleets of around 45 boats; and a summer full of regattas and championships. I wish I was 16 again!

The marathon 27 race Selection Trials has concluded, and the teams chosen to represent GBR:
  • Open European Championships, Athens (GRE)
  • Junior European Championships, Garda (ITA)
  • World Championships, Freemantle (AUS)

Congratulations to Lymington’s Ross Thompson, Pippa Cropley, Julia Mellers, Vita Heathcote, Milly Boyle, Georgia Baker and Charlotte Boyle, who were selected for these teams.

The 420 sailors can also look forward to the open events:
  • Kiel Week (GER)
  • French Nationals (FRA)
  • British Nationals (GBR)
Before it starts all over again in September…

George Heathcote, Captain of 420s


A reminder to all

Photographed on the river recently, although the boat and burgee have been seen like this on the river for several months.
Members are reminded of Regulation 4 of the Club Regulations.  The RYA website also has some pertinent comments on the subject at

Club burgees are available to purchase at Reception.



Lymington Lifeboat 16th 10K Run and Children’s Fun Runs 10 am Sunday 14th May

Still time to enter or volunteer to help on the day.   Full details on the website.

Hog Roast Saturday 17th June – 6 pm

At St Leonards Grange, Beaulieu, by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Neil McGrigor. 
Admission  £20.00 (Adults)   £10.00 (Children 4 - 12)
Please bring your own chairs
For tickets call or email Ann Brunskill (01590 677630) or Christopher Knox (01590 642786)


Club Sponsors & Discounts

Click on the link for details of our sponsors and discounts available.



For Sale Notices

Optimist trolley

Two part Optimist trolley. Excellent condition  - £75.00
Contact: Peter Mills, 07767 213583


Click on the link for details of our sponsors and discounts available.

Email me the details and any photos and the ad will be in one month’s ePotterNews. If you don’t want your contact details published, interested parties can be asked to contact you via the Club pigeon holes in Reception. Satisfied customers will be requested to make a small donation to Sailability or the RNLI. The listing of items for sale or wanted in ePotterNews does not indicate that RLymYC has knowledge of the authenticity of the advertisement and does not recommend or guarantee the items advertised and the Club cannot accept any liability in this regard.