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Covid 19: The Club's latest response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please find below the Club's latest response to the Coronavirus pandemic including information about what Members can and cannot do and the necessary risk assessments.

Club Risk Assessments

Updated as of 21st September 2020

Latest Guidance from the RYA

Previous Updates

14th September Update:

Two steps forward one step back …..”the rule of six”….

Just when we thought we were moving back towards normality on the water and in the clubhouse the Government presents us with another change to the rules.

The Health and Safety team met last night to discuss what the new “Rule of 6” means for us and, based upon the emerging instructions,  from this Monday (14th September) we will be required by law to make some changes to the way we use the Club.

The good news is that the changes to the on-the-water requirements are pretty limited as we already have good Risk Assessments in place and are, we believe already compliant with the Government guidelines and, of course, the law.

Changes to Sailing:

  1. We need to restrict gatherings of sailors for briefings, for example, to 1 briefer + 5 sailors.  This means we’ll need to continue to use Zoom and Whatsapp for briefings.  Your sailing co-ordinators and Class Captains will let you know how this will work.
  2. Having resumed our RIB service we now need to restrict the number of people on a RIB to 5 + the driver.  The Boatmen have been instructed not to exceed this limit.

Changes to the Clubhouse:

  1. We are required to restrict the number of people at each table in the bar / restaurant to 6 (unless from the same family bubble).  We cannot accept bookings for more than 6 people. 
  2. There should be no mingling between tables, or wandering between tables to talk with friends.  It follows that it will not be allowed to move or merge tables. 
  3. We are now required to log the details of everyone at each table for ‘track and trace’ so we are going to change the way we record this and ask each table to complete a form which will be already on the table (rather than creating a queue on entry to the bar area).  This is only required in the bar and restaurant is actually open.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, Members still have to wear face-coverings when moving about the Club until they are eating or drinking in the bar / restaurant.

Fortunately, this seems a pretty small change to the way we operate and it allows us to continue to meet in the Club with our friends in some degree of normality.  This is the right thing to do.  In any case, the consequences of non-compliance are escalating fines and potential closure and must be avoided.  We have no choice.

Because this is a change required by law staff have been instructed to request compliance from members and have been instructed to report any breaches.

Thanks very much for your co-operation,

John Tudor
Vice Commodore