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Weekly Events


There are two different Bike Riding groups within the Club.

Hard Core Wheelies 

Meets every Friday through the year, in or out of the sailing season. Every winter fortnight we meet in a car park within the Forest and cycle 14-15 miles, sometimes through light mud and often on forest gravel tracks, eventually ending up at a Pub for lunch. Men & women take part and we entertain a minority with electric bikes. Every other week there is a club ride, also around 14 miles which starts from the RLymYC car park at 11.00 and returns to the club in time for lunch. Some members leave a towel and a bag of clothes in the changing room to change into after a shower, before lunch upstairs.
Contact for details.


Relaxed Wheelies 

Every fortnight  normally on a Friday, this group meets for a relaxed cycle to a well known pub for a relaxed and convivial lunch. The average duration is 12 miles and is more road based (very little mud). It is for Men and Women and is very social. Electric bike use is increasing but not necessary.
Both groups average from 10-20 persons on each outing as this is a good amount for pubs to handle, much more than that and it becomes unwieldy on the roads and in the hostelries. However if sufficient people come then we can always split into two groups.  Contact  for details

Lycra is not essential. A minimum of two wheels is.