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Reception : 01590 672677

at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

                    OPENING HOURS FROM MONDAY 12TH APRIL TO 17TH MAY 2021
  • Monday - Open 1600 - Last orders 2000
  • Tuesday & Wednesday - Closed
  • Thursday to Saturday - Open 1200 - Last orders 2000
  • Sunday - Open 1200 - Last orders 1500

As we have done over the last few months, we will continue to ensure we do everything to make sure the Clubhouse is as Covid 19 safe as possible.   
We would ask the members to sanitise or wash their hands on arrival and frequently during the time in the Club. Face masks must be worn on arrival and whilst in the Club. Face masks are available from reception if needed. Members may remove their face masks whilst eating or drinking. Please also observe the safe distance rules. I do appreciate all your support but it is important we follow the guidelines in order to try to keep all of us as safe as possible.