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Design a Logo to Celebrate our Centenary Year



RLymYC Centenary Logo Competition - Report of the Judges


CLICK HERE to download the winning entries
The challenge set was to come up with designs for a special Club logo, for use during the Centenary year in 2022, in a range of applications and formats.  Entries were received in two of the categories inviting submissions: two from the 12-18 year old group and 29 from those of 19 and over.   The contributions were imaginative, colourful and thoughtful.  The styles were wide-ranging from the restrained traditional, to the avant garde.  The theme of the Centenary had very much been taken to heart, with wonderful adaptions of the Club's colours, the burgee itself (which of course is not changing - just the logo), the concept of 100 years, and the vibrancy of the Club and its life, reaching forward into its next century.

The four judges approached their task methodically and thoroughly, taking into account the requirements set out for the competition and the Members' voting preferences.   They considered carefully the theme of each entry, its refection of the Centenary aims, and the applications to which the Logo will be put.  The calibre of the entries was high and the responses enthusiastic.  Several rounds of discussion over the merits of each entry, led the judges through shortlists to their eventual unanimous choices of winner in each of the categories. 
The five finalists are listed below, with some description and comment, as appropriate.  The artists were unidentified, so each entry was labelled anonymously on the website, for voting and for judging.  Only now, the creators' names are revealed, as set out below:

12-18 year old Category:

Winner:  Entry 02 - a lively and simple design depicting the Centenary well: it will be very adaptable to use in junior applications during 2022.  (Milly Phillips)
Highly Commended:  Entry 01 - a clever and interesting use historic aspects of the Club over the years; well thought out.  (Tabitha Phillips)

19 and over Category:

Winner:  Entry X - a simple, bold, timeless and adaptable design. Met all the criteria and inspired a future-looking ethos. (Suzanne Judah)
Highly Commended:  Entry J - a zany, creative and lively design, with lots of imagination.  (Jon Chittock)
Highly Commended:  Entry V - a compact and animated entry, with an interesting interpretation.  (Derek Tilley)

The next steps will be to take the two winning designs and develop them, as needed, for the different applications and formats.  That role will be undertaken by the Centenary Committee, assisted as required by the judges; the Committee will also decide upon and allocate appropriate prizes for the five artists.  The judges commended all the artists and thank them for their enthusiasm and skill in submitting such a varied range of entries. 

The judges' appreciation also goes to Maria Shannon in the office, for the considerable work done in enabling the Competition to take place.  The behind the scenes effort has been extensive - from announcing the call for entries and collating them on receipt - to the not inconsiderable IT work to post them, and to arrange the voting and support the judging process.  All that would have been no mean feat in ordinary times but Covid has added to the burden, which was always willingly and cheerfully borne. 
Throughout the inception and execution of the Competition, the driving force on the Centenary Committee has been Emma McEwen, without whose enthusiasm it may well not have got over its first fence. 

Graham Clarke
July, 2020
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About the Judges:

We are very grateful to our judging panel:

Chair: Graham Clarke – one of our Club’s Trustees and the Club Historian, a keen cyclist and an experienced judge (being a Justice of the Peace).  Graham owns a vintage Wolsey motor car and a vintage Westerly yacht.  He values classical elegance and innovative design.

Phill Brown (Phill Brown Design) - A fresh air addict who loves to be out on and beside the water. Having worked with The Club for a number of years, Phill provides professional graphic design services, including producing the Pottership Magazine and Club Handbook along with other marketing material and assets. With over 12 years of experience, Phill is passionate about the true value of well thought out, good design.

Jane Pickance ( Jp.Scribbles ) - An artist and art teacher at a local school. In her spare time she enjoys being creative and specialises in her modern calligraphy pieces, illustrations, maps and sculptural ceramics....Jane just enjoys scribbling! A keen sailor with family ties to the club, Jane used to love the Junior Regatta as a teenager, as have her kids in more recent years.

Jose Nieves – Jose has been a member of the Royal Lymington since 2010 and, having painted and drawn all her life, has organised the Members’ Art Exhibition for the past two years.  She also runs an informal Art Group at the Club through the winter months and as part of the Lockdown on line activities.  On the water, she helps with Wednesday Junior Sailing, safety boating and the Scow Potters.

Thank you
Emma McEwen
“Shore-side Centenary Team”
July 2020