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Membership Guidance Notes

How do I start the application process?
Decide on which type of membership suits you best i.e. Full Member or Provisional Member.  
  • Full Members have voting rights at General meetings and are entitled to all privileges and full use of the Club and its facilities.  To support your application you must be personally well known by two Full Club Members, of 2 years standing, who have agreed to act as your Proposer and Seconder
  • Provisional Membership is available to help those applicants who do not know any Club Members well enough to act as Proposer and Seconder.  Provisional Members do not have voting rights but are entitled to all privileges and full use of the Club and its facilities.

    Applicants should write a letter to the Membership Secretary giving reasons for wishing to join the Club.The letter should include information of sailing skills and experience and future intentions in the sailing context. 

    We will require two letters of recommendation from other sailors of good standing for example, Flag Officers of other Clubs or from sailing friends who are familiar with your sailing experience.  We are happy to accept letters of recommendation via email provided that the email is sent from the person providing the reference and not via the applicant. 

    Provisional membership is available for up to one year as we hope that during this period you will get to know other Club Members who would be willing to endorse your transfer application from Provisional to Full Member.
Completing the application form:
When completing your application form it is important to give as much information as possible concerning your sailing experience to date.  The completed application together with the required supporting documents should be returned to the Office marked for the attention of the Membership Secretary.  It is useful to include a letter to the Membership Secretary explaining your reasons for wishing to join the Club.
What about my wife, husband, partner?
This is a family-oriented club, and a candidate is encouraged to bring his/her spouse or partner (of either gender) into membership as a Full or Family Member. Family Members aged 40 years and over pay an entrance fee on election but do not have voting rights.  Should your partner/spouse (or either gender) require voting rights, or to become active within the Flag management of the Club, then they need to apply for Full membership. If this is successful then a 12.5% discount is applied to the cost of 2 x Full memberships living at the same address. Candidates should be aware that spouses/partners who do not become Family Members will be deemed guests whose use of the Club will be limited to no more than six visits per Club calendar year (1st October - 30th September) and also shall be required to sign the Visitors Book.
Is there family membership?
We offer Family membership for the spouses, partners and children (aged 8 – 17 years) of Full Members living at the same address.
Is there an age restriction for Junior Members?
We welcome applications for Junior Membership from children between the ages of 8 – 17 years.
Can I join as a social member?
Unfortunately we do not offer social membership.

Do I have to own a boat?
Not at all, if every member was a boat owner, there would be nobody to crew! 
Full and Provisional applicants must satisfy the requirements of Article 6 (Election of Members). It is important to show ‘active involvement in sailing’, whether this is in large yachts or small dinghies whether sail or power. Ownership of a boat is not a prerequisite for selection. Sailing organisational skills, instructional ability, race or event management, etc. are all very acceptable.
Guidance Notes for the Proposer and Seconder
  • Full Members with a minimum of two years standing may act as Proposer or Seconder in support of membership applications. 
  • Please do not propose or second a candidate for membership if a professional or business relationship exists between you (Article 6.8) nor shall both proposer and seconder have a close family relationship with the candidate. 
  • The Proposer/Seconder should complete the appropriate form, giving as much detail as possible including all known particulars of the Applicant’s yachting experience.  It is often useful to include a covering letter to provide further relevant information not covered in the Proposer/Seconder form.
  • The Proposer and Seconder sign the Proposer/Seconder form as a declaration and a recommendation for membership.
  • If you feel that you do not know the applicant well enough please ask them to pursue the Provisional Membership route.  This gives the applicant an opportunity to experience our Club for one year before committing to Full Membership.