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Dress Code

The Club seeks to maintain reasonable dress standards such that no member might offend another, whilst recognising that we are a functional sailing club.

  • Wet sailing gear (not be dripping wet) is acceptable on the ground floor but not on the first floor (except via the north outer staircase to collect sandwiches at the counter during a sailing event.)
  • Waterproofs, overcoats, swimming gear and anything either scruffy, wet or dirty, bare feet or vests are unacceptable on the first floor at any time. Kit Bags are not allowed on the first floor.
  • Bar and River room dress may be casual, including shorts or sailing clothing.
  • As a minimum Dining Room dress must be smart casual, eg jacket & tie, open neck shirt with collar and slacks or sweater as required. For Thursday sailing evenings and other sailing events dining room dress requirements are relaxed to River Room standards.
  • Formal events carry their own dress code.

If someone is at odds with the dress code, a member of staff will advise them of the problem in as friendly a way as possible: if the offender is wearing an item of outdoor clothing, a suggestion should be made to take it to the cloakroom.  All other offenders should be invited to leave the first floor or at least go on to the balcony. If such a request is not complied with, the staff member should take the matter up with the Vice-Commodore or General Manager - Operations.

The standard of formality required for the Dining Room is a matter for Members: it would be difficult for the staff to have to apply their discretion as to whether a Member is smart enough. Visiting yachtsmen who arrive in clothing more suited to the River Room should be guided to a table in the River Room if possible.

Mobile phones and laptops
The use of Mobile Phones & Laptops is generally permitted in the Club, but not at any time on the staircases, nor in the Restaurant, River Room & Bar during lunch & dinner; their use should always be discreet and with full consideration for others at all times.

You may not smoke anywhere in the club except for the upper external balcony. Please dispose of used smoking materials in the bins provided.

Successful on the water, friendly and welcoming ashore

"The Club is also justly proud of its family atmosphere, and of the high sea-going standards set and maintained by its members over the years"