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Reception : 01590 672677

Club Dinghies

During Lockdown 3.0 the use of the Clubs sailing dinghies is not  permitted.

The Club owns a number of dinghies which are available for Members to hire. Please see below for the full list.

To book Club boats please contact Reception. A contract which must be completed and submitted to Reception or via email for each calendar year. For hire costs, please refer to the contract.

All Club boats are now locked with padlocks. Please see Reception for the keys and return to the Boatmen/Office accordingly.

For more information please contact the office.

The dinghies are as follows:

  • Valmai II (White)
  • Praline (Chocolate Brown)
  • Jungle Feva
  • Cabin Feva
  • Knight Feva
  • Amanda
Other Dinghies
  • RS Vision - Pheobe
  • Laser - Miss De Meanor
  • RS Tera - Terrapin