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XOD Lymington Class Captain 02nd July 2020 Update 

It is fantastic to see the Club gradually being allowed to reopen. We will start X boat racing just as soon as we are allowed to by the rules as set out by the government and RYA guidance.  When that happens we will probably start with a couple of shake down races with the aim of moving to points racing in around two weeks.  This will give us time to adjust our Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, organise race team scheduling, sort out and circulate any special measures or precautions to be followed and the like.  

June 2020 Update

Rumours of cancellation of the XOD 2020 racing calendar are premature; it is still our intention to hold formal XOD class club racing as soon as we can (subject to any practical organisational constraints/considerations and giving owners 4 weeks’ notice) 
When that may be is uncertain and it could be that the rumours turn out to be right.  We are waiting for government guidelines on social distancing to be relaxed further to enable non same household crews to sail together before we can start our racing season.  That will probably mean some form of more relaxed social bubbles as the current 2 metre and soon to come “1 metre plus" rules cannot  realistically be complied with, and certainly not in a racing context.

The current position is:
1. Our intention is to start RLymYC club racing as soon as we can. But, as above, that means further relaxation of the social distancing rules beyond the “1 metre plus”rule and other changes coming into effect on 4th July.
2. Our aim is to hold Lymington XOD Week from Saturday 12th to Wednesday 16th September if we can.  
3. We are looking into continuing racing into November in some format if conditions permit.
If you are tempted to get out on the water whether for cruising, race training or informal self organised racing. it is very important that we follow the Government guidelines and in particular the social distancing rules both on and off the water and getting out to our boats. Please do not do anything that could be seen as flouting the guidelines: that could be reputationally damaging to the division and the club and potentially harm progress towards returning to organised racing.  Above all else, please be patient, use your common sense and judgement, be considerate and think of others.  It not just about you.

Open Events

As you will probably have heard Cowes Classics Week and Cowes Week have now both been cancelled as has the Taittinger Regatta.

At the time of writing, Poole Week is still scheduled for the last week in August and Itchenor Keelboat Week has been moved to 31st August to 4th September.


2020 Mooring Fees


For those owners who may have already paid 2020 mooring fees I have been requested to advise that the Harbour Master would not be willing to consider any requests for refund of those fees. This is because the costs relating to dredging of the river and laying mooring buoys have already been incurred, the Authority has insufficient reserves to allow it to meet such claims, and, even if it did meet them, we would only see increased fees next year to claw them back.  For the sake of our continuing good relationship with the Harbour Master I should be grateful if any members wishing to take issue with this situation would do so via the Division and do not approach the Harbour Master direct.



There is a growing band of virtual sailors participating in on line events we are going to start again next Thursday 21st May at 20:15 and we shall send out separate instructions in the near future.



Rules Talks


There are a series of on line RYA Rules Talk worth watching which may be accessed via :

A pdf version of the calendar may be obtained by clicking on this link: XOD 2020 Calendar Please note that the first Saturday and Wednesday Points Races are not likely to be held before the end of July

Click below for links to the following:

2019 Prize List

2019 Race Analysis

Lymington Division AGM Minutes

A copy of the 2019 minutes may be found by clicking on the following link: AGM Minutes and a copy of Steve's presentation is available by clicking on: AGM Presentation

XOD Brochure "The X Factor"

The Class Association have published a new document - here is a link to the electronic version:

John Doerr Presentation on RRS 2017- 2020

For those unable to attend this interesting and informative talk there are links below:

Lymington XODs on Facebook

There is now a Facebook "Group" page for Lymington XODs (  - you will have to copy this link and open in a new tab).

If you have your own Facebook page you may apply to join the Group which will enable you to see updates (race reports and pictures) as soon as they are posted to the Group page.


Class Rules Obtainable from XOD Class Association Secretary - or see the Class Association website