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XOD Lymington Divisional Captain 5th August Update
Apologies for the slight false start, but we are now in business.  With thanks to Malcolm for his hard work and considerable patience the combined Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for our interim racing are out and can be found on the XOD section of the club’s website under Race Documents or by clicking on the following link:
Please do make sure you read these together with the club’s risk assessment  'Pontoon & On the water activities – Coronavirus Covid-19 Virus V5.3'  and the 'RYA Guidance on sailing & racing with participants from different households during COVID-19 in England’.  These can be found in the Member Central section of the club’s website under Members Documents or by clicking the following link:
It is important that you do read and understand these documents as, in accordance with the NoR and SIs, by entering any race you are confirming that you have done so.
These are organised races as an interim measure before starting series and other racing if and as appropriate.  We will shortly be sending out a survey to all members seeking their views on what the next stage of racing should look like, in particular whether we should be competing for XOD Division trophies as normal.
You will see that the NoR provides for the interim racing to run until 2nd September. That is a longstop and we are likely to move to the next phase of racing sooner, if the fleet wishes to. 
At the moment we do not have boatmen available for ferrying us to and from our moorings so we are likely to have to do a bit of self help to start with at least, and more so on Saturdays than Wednesdays when the demands on resources are likely to be less.  I have booked a club rib when available and am working with Vicky on solutions.  I am hoping that as we demonstrate increasing demand more resource will become available.  In the meantime any help that members can provide will be very welcome. We should be OK this Saturday as I will be down to ferry with a club rib and, if conditions suit, to take some photographs of the racing.



2020 Mooring Fees


For those owners who may have already paid 2020 mooring fees I have been instructed to advise that the Harbour Master would not be willing to consider any requests for refund of those fees. This is because the costs relating to dredging of the river and laying mooring buoys have already been incurred, the Authority has insufficient reserves to allow it to meet such claims, and, even if it did meet them, we would only see increased fees next year to claw them back.  For the sake of our continuing good relationship with the Harbour Master I should be grateful if any members wishing to take issue with this situation would do so via the Division and do not approach the Harbour Master direct.





Rules Talks


There are a series of on line RYA Rules Talk worth watching which may be accessed via :

A pdf version of the calendar may be obtained by clicking on this link: XOD 2020 Calendar Please note that the first Saturday and Wednesday Points Races are not likely to be held before the end of July

Click below for links to the following:

2019 Prize List

2019 Race Analysis

Lymington Division AGM Minutes

A copy of the 2019 minutes may be found by clicking on the following link: AGM Minutes and a copy of Steve's presentation is available by clicking on: AGM Presentation

XOD Brochure "The X Factor"

The Class Association have published a new document - here is a link to the electronic version:

John Doerr Presentation on RRS 2017- 2020

For those unable to attend this interesting and informative talk there are links below:

Lymington XODs on Facebook

There is now a Facebook "Group" page for Lymington XODs (  - you will have to copy this link and open in a new tab).

If you have your own Facebook page you may apply to join the Group which will enable you to see updates (race reports and pictures) as soon as they are posted to the Group page.


Class Rules Obtainable from XOD Class Association Secretary - or see the Class Association website