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Sailing Event Team Rosters

We would not be able to complete our extensive Sailing program without the valued support of our Club Volunteers. please click on the links below to view the rosters for each event. If you would like to get involved then please contact Kirsty or Vicky in the office.

Solent House Dental Centre Monday Night Dinghies Late Series Rosters

Moore Blatch Thursday Night Late Series Roster

International Dragons Edinburgh Cup: 5 - 12 July

Lymington Dinghy Regatta: 19 & 20 July

Lymington Dinghy Regatta sponsored by Harken
Committe Boat: We're Here
Race Officer: Paul Stickley
    Sat - 19 July Sun - 20 July
  Deputy Race Officer Steve Green Steve Green
  Timekeeper Frances Evans Frances Evans
  Recorder/Spotter Peta Walmisley Peta Walmisley
  Signaller/Flag Person Nigel Holt Thomas Walshe
  Gunner   Tricia Banks
  Driver Boatmen Boatmen
Golden Haven Mark Layer 1 Vince Sutherland Vince Sutherland
    David Weller David Weller
Dragoon Mark Layer 2 Roger Cook Roger Cook
    Charles Holden Charles Holden
Viking Safety Brendan Nellis Brendan Nellis
    Stuart Willey Stuart Willey
Tom Thumb Safety Stephen Crates Alex Massey
    David Evans Jim White
Kinsman Safety   Denise Moore
    Nigel Holt Tony Moore
River Run Safety Co-ordinator Mark Otway Amanda Otway
    Jim White Mark Otway
  Registration Gill Baldwick Gill Baldwick
  Slipway Marshall Julian Hire Julian Hire
  Slipway Marshall   Joanna Lowis
  Results Kirsty/Vicky Kirsty/Vicky

Potter Dinghy Race: 23 August

Potter Dinghy Race
Committe Boat: We're Here

  Role Day 1 Mobile no
  RO Jane Pitt-Piits  
  ARO John Evans  
  Race Team Tricia Banks  
  Race Team Mary Hill  
  Race Team Jane Wilford  
  Race Team Frances Evans  
  Boat Driver Malcolm McKeag  
Golden Haven Mark 1 Vince Sutheland  
    Bob Burney  
Dragoon Mark 2 David Weller  
    Martyn Kemp  
Viking Safety 1    
    Chris Knox  
Tom Thumb Safety 2 Charles Holden  
    Jim White  
Kinsman Safety 3 Alex Massey  
    Judy Ruffell  
Haven Challenger Safety 4 Stephen Crates  
    Peter Bedwell  
New RIB Safety 5 Alan Russett  

J109 Southern Areas & J105 National Champs: 6 & 7 September

J109 Southern Areas & J105 National Championships
Committe Boat: Squander

  Role Day 1 Day 2 Mobile no
  RO Simon van der Byl Simon van der Byl  
  Race Team Jackie Bishop Pauline Crates  
  Race Team Frances Evans Frances Evans  
  Race Team Ann Brunskill Judy Ruffell  
  Race Team Caroline Newton    
  Race Team      
We're Here Mark 1 Vince Sutherland Vince Sutherland  
  Winch Trained Bob Burney Boby Burney  
Golden Haven Mark 2 Stephen Crates Stephen Crates  
    Charles Holden Charles Holden  
Results   Kirsty/Vicky Kirsty/Vicky  
Protest Committee   David Brunskill David Brunskill  

Classics Regatta: 13 & 14 September

Classic Regatta 13-14 Sept 2014

    Radio: Safety Channel __Club Private
Course Area: Solent   Competitor Channel __72
Race Officer: Roger Wilson Start Boat: Cheetah
Event Dates     13-Sep 14-Sep
  Flag No. Role Sat Sun
Start Team   Deputy Race Officer Malcolm McKeag Malcolm McKeag
    Timekeeper Jane Clegg Jane Clegg
    Signaller/Flag Person Frances Evans Frances Evans
    Gunner Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson
Golden Haven   Boat Driver Vince Sutherland Vince Sutherland
    Crew Bob Burley Bob Burney
Dragoon   Mark Layer 1 Jack Smith Jack Smith
Shore Team   Registration 1    
    Registration 2    
    Results Kirsty/Vicky  Kirsty/Vicky 
Protest Committee   Protest Chair    
    Protest Committee 2    
    Protest Committee 3    

Barts Bash: 21 September

Barts Bash (Dinghies)
Committe Boat: Corvette 32 Motor Boat, provided by LTSC
RO: Tig Williams
Dragoon Safety 1
David Weller
    Chris Knox  
Viking Safety 2 Alex Massey  
    Jim White  
Tom Thumb Safety 3 Neil Eccles  
    Brendan Nellis  
Kinsman Safety 4 David Woodgates  
    Antonia Diment  
Haven Challenger Safety 5 Stuart Willey  
    David Evans  
Wilber Safety 6 Martyn Kemp  
Peter Bedwell
Wild Silk Safety 7 Carolyn Scott  
    John Richards  
Barts Bash (Keelboats)
Platform Start
Principal Race Officer - Ken Hay 
ARO Alastair Wilson    
Timekeeper Jane Clegg    
Recorder Ann Brunskill    
Flags Jenny Harris    
Spotter Jean Paton    
Spotter Vivien Shute    
We're Here Pin End Vince Sutherland   
    Bob Burney  
    Pauline Crates  
    Mary McGough  
Golden Haven  Mark 1 Jack Smith  
    Phil Baker  
Blue Tube  Mark 2 Nicholas Brunskill  
    Roger Cook  
Regstration  Gill Baldwick     
Results  Vicky     

Potter Ship: 4 October

Event Name: Potter Ship Race
Event Date: 4th October 2014
Course Area: Western Solent 
Start: Platform
Race Officer: Jane Pitt-Pitts    
      Day 1
  Flag No. Role  
Race Team   ARO John Evans
    Pin End -
    Race Team Jane Clegg
    Race Team Ann Brunskill
    Race Team Wendy Jardine
    Race Team Gill Baldwick
    Race Team Tricia Banks
    Race Team Jackie Bishop
Launch     Phil Baker
      Barrie Smith
      Jack Smith
Principal Mark Layer   Mark Layer 1 Bob Burney
  Crew Vince Sutherland
Ferrying     Julie Hodkin
    Results Kirsty
Protest Committee   Protest Chair  
    Protest Committee 1  
    Protest Committee 2  

Club Champion of Champions: 11 October

Club Champion of Champions
11th October 2014
Race Officer's - Jane Pitt Pitts & Stuart Jardine
Committee Boat: We're Here  
Driver Bob Burney    
Assistants Doug Rogerson    
  Patricia Banks    
Golden Haven Vince Sutherland    
  David Weller    
Dragoon Peter Phillps    
Wilbur Ado Jardine    
  Chris Baldwick    

Peter Andrea Trophy: 27 December

Penguin Trophy: 28 December