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Lockdown Lowdown


Dear Club Member,

Here we go again!  As you will all know by now, the Government has imposed a new lockdown from end of day Wednesday until Wednesday 2nd December.  The Flag Officers have met today to decide what this means for us:

The Clubhouse will be closed to members from close of play this Wednesday until 2nd December.  This includes the balconies but not the pontoons.

The Club will not be running any sailing or shore-side face-to-face events during this period.  Fortunately, we are now all au fait with Zoom so we hope to run some on line entertainment for you. 

The Boatmen are aiming to lift all boats that need to be moved from the river starting this morning and finishing when it gets dark on Wednesday.  We hope this will enable everyone who wants their boats lifted to do so.  Please contact the office or the Boatmen directly to book your crane slots.

Last time we were in lockdown the only movement allowed on the river was to access boats in the case of an emergency (or to prevent an emergency).  In the expectation of this some club dinghies will continue to be available on the pontoons to enable Members to access their boats even if the river is shut to non-commercial traffic again.  The remainder of our dinghies will be lifted for winter maintenance.

We are intending to keep working as normally as we can.  Government restrictions mean that our employees must work from home if they can, but fortunately our IT set-up means that they can do a lot of their work remotely.  Nevertheless, there are lots of things we can do to prepare for reopening and to improve the club:  for example, helping Mosimann’s improve the ambience in the restaurant and bar area, sorting out the website; doing essential building maintenance; planning for 2021 events; and, of course, rescheduling everything that we expected to happen in November.

There will be a separate notice about the catering operation.  Obviously, we are disappointed to lose the exciting gala dinners that Mosimann’s had planned but the delay is only for four weeks and then we expect to have a whole series of exciting food and beverage options running up to Christmas together with rescheduled Gala Dinners.  Dates for these will be confirmed soon.  

Please remember that Mosimann’s are running a full catering operation until shut down this Wednesday so if you want to experience their new menu please ring the Club to book a lunch or dinner slot for today, Tuesday or Wednesday.

During lockdown we again hope to help those who are not able to get out; there will be a reminder about this service shortly.

Lastly, as we did last time, we expect to run some entertainment online: lectures; book club; exercises classes; a photo competition; art on-line etc.  We can also hold the usual spread of club meetings using Zoom.

Thankfully we have experienced a good renewal period and this and the remedial work which we carried out this summer mean our finances are healthy.  So, whilst this is a small set-back, we are optimistic for the future and looking forward to a real blast in the run up to Christmas!

Very best wishes to you all.

John Tudor

Vice Commodore