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Chart and Pilot Book Stock


Copies of the area/numerical index to the 600 or so charts are (1) in a blue folder on the map chest, (2) in each drawer of the chest, (3) accessed by clicking the appropriate area on the left hand side of this page. Copies of the area/title index of Pilot books are (1) laminated and hanging from the shelf by those books and (2) can be seen by clicking on " Pilot Book List" on the left hand side of this page. It should therefore be easy for members to find and REPLACE charts and books in the correct position, please.




Choice of Charts and Pilot books

The philosophy is to provide large area charts for initial cruise area selection; smaller scale charts for closer examination of the proposed cruising area; and Pilot books, Reed's Almanac and access to up to date electronic charts for final planning.

Thus, we stock recent (either latest edition or one no more than 5 years old) UKHO Admiralty/Imray Charts covering Passage Planning for UK and Irish coasts, the current year's Reed's Atlantic European Almanac, current or recent editions (generally no more than 5 years old) of UK and Irish Pilot books. For "home" waters, ie Scillies to North Foreland (drawer 1) and France North and West coasts inc Channel Islands (drawer 2), the stock of local area charts will be maintained at newer than 5 years old or the latest edition. If using these, you should refer to the current Reed's and its online updates, or to the online UKHO "Searchable Notices to Small craft", for the latest information and chart corrections.

We also have a large number of mostly local charts covering other parts of the UK and Atlantic Europe, parts of the Western Med, Caribbean, North American coast, Pacific and Indian Oceans, which are being withdrawn as they reach 20 years old. If any member thinks that a particular publication or chart would be of use to the Club, please contact me or the Captain of Cruising. If it is agreed to be of benefit to members and the budget allows, we will purchase it.

Nautical books and journals

A list of the 350 or so books and journals on the shelves can be seen by clicking on "Other books", on the left hand side of this page. As well as books on Cruising and Maintenance, there are many on yacht racing, dinghy racing and history of classic boats, Races and Clubs.

Members' Cruising logs

A list of the logs filed on the shelves by year, area covered and authors, can be seen by clicking on "Library of Cruising Logs", on the "Logs and Blogs" page of this site.

Electronic charts and the computer

Navionics have recently introduced a web accessible version of their world-wide set of charts, suitable ONLY for passage planning (as it is not as fully detailed as the plotter version), either click on this link or access it via your computer. It is updated weekly. The Chart Room computer may also be used to access this website , see favourites (bookmarks).

Instructions on how to start up and utilise the Chart Room computer are included on the laminated sheet near the computer.

New items 2020

Now available in the Chart Room are the 2020 Reeds Atlantic Europe Nautical Almanac, the 2020 West Aegean and Isles Scilly Pilot books. All other Pilots are the latest version, with latest Supplements where applicable. Several more new editions of these are due later this year, watch this space!

The indices of charts and Pilot books on the Club website (under Chart Room) will be updated shortly, the hard-copy versions are already in the blue folder in the Chart Room.

PETER LOWE Cruising sub Committee

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