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XII Bar Blues - A trip round the bay - John Priestley
Oestara blog (use callsign oestara and PIN 3624)
UHURU - To Antarctica and back - Steve PowellCruising
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"Cruising Blogging Area"

This facility is open to all Club members to electronically update us on their past, present & future Cruising activities. So, you could blog about your cruise day by day, or tell us your cruising intentions or give advice on specific areas/items you think may be of interest to others.

Alternatively, you can submit an electronic or hard copy account of your cruising adventures, either as a traditional log or on the Cruising awards proforma (see below) or in any other format you wish, to the Captain of Cruising, or Peter Lowe (Cruising pages editor) or Kirsty (in the office). It would be appreciated if your submission was accompanied by a copy in MS Word, as that can be placed in the Chart Room for Members to read.

Please note there are annual Awards for cruising achievements, see the details below:

Cruising Awards - Competition

Each November, all Members will be invited, via ePn or email, to submit an account (in any format) or a log or to complete the simple Cruising Award proforma (LHS of this page), giving details of their cruising activities over that year's season. It will be noted that Members are asked to complete a short narrative of around 1000 words to cover certain aspects of the cruise; this could include photos, sketches etc. These completed forms will then be used for the shortlisting and award of the Trophies. All will be printed out in hard copy to be filed in the Chartroom for reference purposes.

The Trophies, which are returned to the Club at the end of the year, can be awarded to both owners and their crews and to those chartering yachts. An engraved glass will also be presented to those awarded a Trophy, for their retention. The criteria for award are:

Seamanship Trophy – awarded for a feat of seamanship or navigation by a club member. A board listing the winners is displayed in the club.

XII Bar Blues Trophy – awarded to encourage and reward the use of modern technologies in the production of cruising yachts by creating blogs for a particular cruise.

John and Angie Bailey Trophy  - awarded for a lifetime achievement in sailing.

Cadiz Cup awarded for a significant and demanding cruise under sail.

Quains Cup awarded for a significant cruise under sail.

Channel Trophy awarded for consistent support over the cruising season of rallies organised by the Cruising Sub-Committee; can be awarded to both sailing yachts or motor cruisers.

Senior Brownlow Cup awarded for the best narrative submitted with a Cruising Award proforma (available from left hand menu) by either a sailing yacht or motor cruiser.

Fen Dawn Cup awarded to a motor cruiser for a significant cruise.

Junior Brownlow Cup - awarded to a young family who have undertaken a challenging cruise, taking into account the age of the children or to a member whether junior or family under the age of 18 who has made a significant contribution to a cruise either as a skipper or member of crew.