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The Club has two dinghy parks; the "Balance Pond" in between the slipway and the Harbour Office and the main dinghy park which is at the south end of the NFDC car park. There is an Optimist rack in the Balance Pond and a Laser rack in the main dinghy park.


If you would like to use an empty space in either dinghy park, please contact the Club office in the first instance.  Spaces can be allocated on an annual basis (1st March to 28th February) or you can apply to use spaces on a weekly sublet basis if the annual berth holder’s space is empty.  Subletting requires payment of the full annual fee up front; you will receive a refund at the end of the year depending on the number of weeks you have used a space.  Sublet spaces are booked using an online system available to those who have paid their sublet fee.  Annual berth holders whose spaces were made available on the online system will receive a rebate at the end of the year in proportion to the number of weeks their space was used by subletters.
Click below to access to online system. 



Band 1: under 3 Meters                                              


Band 2: 3m - 3.49m


Band 3: 3.5m - 3.99m


Band 4: 4m - 4.9m


Band 5: 4.5m - 4.99m 


Prices include an annual Lymington Harbour Commissioners launching disc for use of the slipway.


Dinghies removed by the 31st December and not returned before the 1st March are eligible for a Winter Storage rebate of £20, provided their absence has been marked on the online Subletting calendar.

To read a copy of 'The Regulations Governing Management of R.Lym.Y.C Dinghy Parks' please Click Here.