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The 29er is a fun, fast and exhilarating boat to sail.  This high performance, one design, double handed, skiff style boat with an single trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker is a great boat to transition into after learning to sail in one of the junior classes.  Regular training is offered within the club and once sailors have mastered the boat they can move onto the racing circuit and work towards qualifying for a 29er Class Association Squad or the RYA Youth Squad, and they can then continue to use club training to supplement their other training.

If you are thinking of buying a 29er or would like to join in with club training we welcome non-members to training along side our club members, please contact Phil Lightbody


29ers GP1 – Weymouth  19th – 20th September

Report from: Santi Sesto-Cosby & Sam Webb
When we started training after lockdown, we were incredibly lucky to have a really great training program, and two great coaches that sailed in the boat with us whilst we were learning. This helped us to pick up the sometimes-tricky art of 29er sailing much more quickly, because we were spending more time the right way up.  As we improved, we started to form partnerships and train together in those pairs. For Weymouth, unfortunately, both of our normal partners were unable to make it, so Santi and I decided to team up. 

It was a little nerve racking, enduring a whole week of watching the forecast and hoping the wind was right. But in the end, we decided on Friday that we would go down and give it a go. It turned out when we got down there, that it was a lot windier than we had expected, but in the end, we decided that if it got too much would just sail back in.


Sailing out was exhilarating to say the least, it was Santi’s first ever time out on the 29er in windy weather and let’s just say we flew. Saturday was an amazing day for swimming as we were upside down so much. We decided the best option was just to eat lunch in the water.
After an unnerving weekend we managed to survive with no breakages, which was a surprise, and we were really proud of the progress we made as, on Sunday afternoon we finally turned from surviving to actually racing which was a major step in the right direction.
We were pleased to be competing closely with the other Lymington boats as we hadn't sailed together in the past and as the weekend progressed, so did our performance.
Overall, we felt all the Lymington boats did very well and that everyone should be very proud of how they handled some seriously testing conditions. A hearty “well done” to Annabelle, Rosie, Ollie V. and Ollie B. for finishing in the top 5 of the silver fleet. 

Below is a list of overall results from the newly formed Royal Lymington 29er Fleet. There were 74 boats in the total fleet:

44th Annabelle Vines/Rosie Target

45th Ollie Vines/Ollie Baddeley

47th Tom Williamson/Cameron Sword

55th Santiago Sesto-Cosby/Sam Webb

60th Ella Lightbody/Felicity Brellisford

Joining the Royal Lymington

There are two ways that junior sailors can become Members of the Yacht Club:

1. Full Family Membership: If a parent or both parents join then any children under 18 years of age can become family Members. This is the preferred way and offers lots more benefits, such as subsidised coaching, cheaper tariff in the bar & restaurant, full use of the Club's facilities, access to training courses and opportunities to support the Youths & Juniors.

2. Junior Membership: Children/Youths aged 8 – 17 can join in their own right as Junior Members. The annual subscription is the only as much as the cost of a buoyancy aid, however there are additional costs for coaching, which don't apply to family members.

For more information on Membership click here, or email the Membership Secretary. Alternatively you can email the Fleet Captain.