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420 Class

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The 420 is a fun, exciting trapeze boat to sail whether you want to learn your trade as a helm or a crew. From tuning and trimming your sails, planing upwind and developing great team work, the 420 develops a range of skills that will stand you in good stead whatever sailing you go on to do.
Racing locally, competing on the youth circuit in the UK or traveling abroad - the opportunities to get on the water are endless.
Lymington boasts an active group of 420 sailors, boys and girls, with a range of abilities - from those starting out in a new boat, to some of the best in the country. 
A range of training is on offer:
  1. parent supported, sailor led training
  2. formal training for the local fleet
  3. open class training hosted at RLYC
The next training dates are:

2019 Youth & Junior Rules talk by David Brunskill: Part 1 Friday 29th March 2019 6pm, Part 2 Friday 5th April 2019 6pm
To find out more about the Lymington 420 fleet - email the class captain

Joining the Royal Lymington

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There are three ways of getting involved:
Full family membership
Where either or both parents join the club, then children under 18yrs can become family members - and can enjoy subsidised coaching, cheaper tariff in the bar and restaurant, full use of the clubs on shore and on water facilities and access to training course.
Junior Membership
The membership fee is lower but you will pay more for the coaching
The nature of 420s is that sailors from all over the UK are looking to sail and train with their friends - you are more than welcome to take part in the Lymington fleet on a pay an play basis.


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