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Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Coaching Agreement between the RLymYC and Youth & Junior Coaches
The Club will make you welcome and appreciates your efforts to help our young sailors
  1. Coaches must comply with the Club policy for Youth and Junior sailing which is written in the Organisation and Management document.  In particular:
  • Annex A  Guidelines for support boat crews
  • Annex B  Guidelines for JS Officers of the Day (JSOOD)
  • Annex C  Junior sailing  safety policy
These documents will be emailed to you on request to the Club Office ( Hardcopy is kept in the Race Office.
  1. Coaches must hold PB2 and First Aid certificates and submit copies. The Club may also request to see coaching certificates.
  2. Fees are to be agreed with the Fleet Captain, and are intended to be commensurate with the Coach’s qualifications and experience, and in line with the RYA payment structure.  Naturally fees are paid pro rata if a programme cannot be fully delivered.
  3. The Club does not generally pay expenses.
  4. The coaching session details form (attachment 1) is completed for each session, weekend or series of sessions by the Fleet Captain with input from the Coach.
  5. In the case of a poor weather forecast, the Fleet Captain and Coach must confer and agree action, which may be to postpone, cancel, or hold a session or sessions ashore.  Any decision to change the programme has to be made in sufficient time for sailors to be notified.
  6. The Coach to please notify the Fleet Captain immediately if illness or injury is likely to affect their carrying out a programmed session.
  7. We would like coaches to be paid promptly. Therefore invoices (or Club expense claim forms) should be submitted to the Club as soon as possible, at least within four weeks of a session.  They are to be approved by the Fleet Captain and the Captain of Juniors.  Late invoices are in danger of not being paid.
Data Declaration
I give my consent for the Royal Lymington Yacht Club to collect, store, maintain and, where appropriate, publish my Personal Data as collected in the Coaching Agreement to further the objects of the Club for a maximum duration of 15 months from the date entered on the form below.
I further consent to the Club storing this data on servers outside of the United Kingdom and specifically consent to this data being stored in the United States and or Canada, if required. For more information please review the Club’s Privacy Statement.
I understand that the Club will not make this information available to any third party organisations, with the exception of the companies listed in the Club’s Privacy Statement, without my prior approval.
Full Name;
Post Code:
Date of Birth
Email Address;
Mobile Number;
Date of PB2 Certificate;
Copy of PB2 Cetificate;
Expiry Date of First Aid;
Copy of First Aid Certificate;
Coach and/or Instructor Quals;
    Agreed Basic Daily Rate;
I understand and accept the conditions above, and confirm that my personal details are correct.
I also confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the ‘Data Declaration’.