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Laser 4.7s

4.7s 2018/2019

Purpose of the RLymYC Laser 4.7 fleet
To give our young sailors the knowledge and confidence to sail a technically challenging and rewarding single-handed dinghy, to sail it well, to make friends, to have fun and develop lifelong skills that are common to many aspects of sailing
What we are
We are all in this together: parents, children, coaches and Club
We learn from each other
We help each other to improve
We give back to the fleet
We value enthusiasm over results
We have fun
We will have been successful when we have…
4.7 sailors whom are excited, happy and confident from start line to finish line
The 4.7 Transition flight
Our aim is for the child to be self sufficient with the Laser and the 4.7 rig as quickly as possible, and thus join in with the Intermediate flight once certain guiding criteria have been met. Our assumption is that all sailors joining the Transition flight are coming from other junior classes (e.g. Optimist, Tera, Topper) and have race experience - we're coaching sailors to race the Laser, not simply to race.
The 4.7 Intermediate flight
Our aim is to equip 4.7 sailors with the knowledge and skills to be able to compete for mid fleet results by the end of the season, should they want to. There will be some reliance to continue their development away from the RLymYC 4.7 Fleet; this may include other club regattas, youth series or general social sailing, and is all about getting ‘time on the water’.
The 4.7 Experienced flight
Our aim is to identify those 1% performance improvements that become critical as the sailor moves up the performance curve. For the majority, this will mean competing regularly and targeting top third finishes, and that there is a degree of self-help both on and off the water. For others, it will be about just being technically proficient. Note, this is not elite level training! We would expect the Experienced sailors to give back to the other flights and to be clear in their own mind when they’re likely to have outgrown the 4.7 rig, and ready for the next challenge.
Provisional training dates for 4.7 training are being pencilled in for the following:
1. 03/04 November
2. 08/09 December
3. 12/13 January
4. 02/03 February
5. 23/24 March

The booking process and fees for the courses are being revised presently. In the meantime, if you haven't already had an email from the new Captain of 4.7 Fleet explaining the above, then you're probably not on the revised 4.7 mailing list. In which case, send your details to and do please include membership status (family/junior/non-member), age of child, sail number, and expected flight for the 2018/19 season.

Rupert Baddeley, RLymYC Laser 4.7 Captain