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Welcome to the RLymYC Junior Section eSailing page, here you will find the details of the activity which is going on at the club as regards eSailing in the month of January 2021.

eSailing is a growing part of the sport of sailing and is a fantastic way for sailors to keep learning about sailing tactics and strategy, online from the comfort of their home. It will be a key way that the RLymYC Junior Section will keep the sailors learning during lockdown 3.0.

The RLymYC Junior Section are pleased to announce that there will be a series of qualification races and then a finals, which will serve as a means to select one representative to go onto the RYA eSailing Winter Championships, which will be held at the end February at the RYA Virtual Dinghy Show.

The racing will be managed by the RLymYC VR Racing Manager Will Taylor and each session (approximately 1 hour in length) will be run by a designated coach who currently works with the sailors in their fleet. Each fleet will have racing arranged (see schedule below) for the sailors within their fleet, excerpt the following fleets which will combine: 

1. Tera & Feva
2. 420 and Aero

The following is the schedule of activity which will be happening over the next 4 weeks, download a copy of the schedule here

Sailors will need to enter the RLymYC eSailing series and this can be accomplished at here:

Please click here for a set of sailing instructions for the event.

For support and help to get started and tutorials for the game please see the link here:

For more information please contact the VR Racing Manager at the following email address: