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Shipmates Membership



A Shipmate membership allows the younger Members (under 8) of your family to join in with Club life.

It’s free of charge to register. 

The Club will also be hosting regular Shipmates events.

Register your interest with Maria our Membership Secretary via and set sail on your membership adventure today.
Dates for 2021

Friday After School Sailing - 4 - 5pm followed by kids tea in the club.
21st May, 18th June, 23rd July, 20th August , 17th September
Family Newtown Weekend
10th/11th July
We have the use of land for camping and activities alongside newtown creek. Detailed plans to be made in the spring.
Junior Regatta
Friday 27th August.  
Shipmates have been invited to take part in scows with their parents for a race or two on the Friday of regatta week.
Scow Potter to Tanners Beach for picnic.
Sunday 5th September

Skills Training
Half Day session for older shipmates to consolidate their skills.
Sept - Date tbc
Tuesday After School Sailing Autumn 2020

22nd Sept 2020

Five scows sailed by Shipmates and their parents set off in a brisk breeze to explore the marshes. A high tide allowed them to scoot up crooked lake to Oxey buoy - as they rounded the mark the challenge was to grab the tube of smarties from the support boat on the first go! This was followed by a breezy sail back downwind into the river, where the lifeboat flew by at high speed, before returning to the calmer waters off the Club. 

29th Sept 2020

5 Shipmates set off in their family bubbles for a short sail in the scows from the club to the quay. The took in the sights of moored boats, ferries and cormorants before tying up on the harbour master pontoon. Large quantities of ice cream were ordered and eaten on the quayside before returning gently to the club.

Shipmates Scow Potter - Tanners Lane Sept 2020

Twenty of our Shipmates (members aged Under 8) enjoyed a great sail through Pylewell to Tanners beach on Sunday. 12 scows set off in very light conditions however the wind quickly built giving a fantastic sail through the marshes. On arrival at Tanners the boats were moored behind the motherships offshore whilst we tucked into our picnics on the beach with plenty of mud jumping and donkey spotting too . The route home required plenty of tacking for which the reward was large ice-creams. Thank you to all who made scows available to us.