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Information for Visiting Junior Sailors
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Car Parking

The Car Park at the end of Bath Road is owned and operated by New Forest District Council (NFDC). The Royal Lymington Yacht Club accepts no responsibility for cars parked in the NFDC car park. Here are some guidelines:

Charging Period: all year round 0600hrs to 2200hrs (Seven days a week including Bank Holidays)
  • Tariff: Up to 2 hours - £1.60
  • Up to 4 hours - £3.70
  • Up to 6 hours - £5.30
  • Up to 20 hours - £6.50 Maximum Stay 72 hours*
Blue Badge Holders / Motorcycles are free. No overnight sleeping / camping allowed.

Parking must be in marked bays. Trailers should be left attached to the vehicle.  

Tickets are required for trailers and should be placed in the windscreen of the towing vehicle. 

Amenity Parking Permits and Long Stay Clocks do not cover the trailer.

*Due to its unique use by yachtsmen the NFDC is aware that on occasions the car park needs to be used for more that the allocated 20 hours.  In this case the driver of the vehicle should purchase enough tickets to cover the vehicle & trailer for the length of stay.  The tickets will all have the same date and time of expiry but the Parking Attendants are aware of this and that all they have to do is count the number of tickets.

You can park in Bath Road and adjacent roads.

Ashore & Getting Afloat

  • Any road trailers, please put carefully into the allocated area. The Club has limited space in the entrance to the Balance Pond (by slipway).  Please allow for other users to get their boats in and out and keep the roadway clear to the Harbour master’s office and LTSC.
  • Slipway fee is due daily if you do not have a permit on your boat.  If you will be sailing regularly over the summer/ winter, you can pay for 12months at the harbour master's office.  Check with the Club for organised events, where the entry fee will include the slipway launch fee; for some training events, a reduced daily fee is required to be paid through the Club.
  • Launching trolleys - pair up and ensure one of you places the launching trolley off the slipway at the top to right in the designated area off the public pavement and not encroaching on the slipway which may impede the inshore lifeboat launching.
  • Ferries - they have right of way at all times - keep to the edge of the river out of the channel and respond to directions from the coach/safety rib at all times!
  • Club facilities - essentially, if wet, stay downstairs; dry upstairs. When in wet gear, access to River Room for food can be via outside steps at end of building by crane  Lecture rooms are in the Sail loft downstairs which can divide into 2 rooms with smaller area - Slipway lounge. Some beverage facilities in small kitchen downstairs.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks are available from the coffee machine in River room. Bar and dining facilities upstairs for lunch and evenings.

Changing Rooms

Please keep sail bags in the changing rooms downstairs (please do not use the Ladies cloakroom for changing).  There are small lockers for valuables under the main stairs.

Under 18 Consent Form and Adult Helper Forms

if you are going out on the water for a Club organised event or training, we need all Junior members/Youth to have a signed disclaimer form completed.  Adult helpers going out on water - please complete a form too. Please click on the relevant links within the title above to download the forms.