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Wednesday Junior Sailing

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Due to the present circumstances we will have to postpone the start of WJS until the end of May.
This means we will have to postpone all the volunteer  training sessions, work parties & safety update until further notice. 
We will be constantly reviewing the situation & keep you all informed. 
During this time we still encourage parents to register their children for this season so we are prepared for when we start up again. Use the WJS Kids Consent Form and Online Registration link in the page below.

Wednesday Junior Sailing 2020

Key Diary Dates

Dates To Be Confirmed

You must register your child for WJS every year. Please click the link on the right hand side to register them online.

WJS encourages regular participation on the water. We are unable to accept young people who will only be attending for a one off session. If you would like a taster sail please contact the office to arrange this.