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Pontoon Project - The coast is clear

On the 4th January the remainder of our old pontoon was disconnected and was towed away by the Lymington Harbour Commissioners and the Lymington Yacht Haven, leaving just the gangway and the last few piles .

Walcon's piling barge then lifted out the gangway releasing the final piece of this giant pontoon jigsaw and  removed the remaining piles to leave a very large and empty space in front of the club.  The gangway was taken back to Southampton on the barge for refurbishment.

Dredging will commence on Monday the 11th January and is scheduled to take one week assuming the weather   is favourable, in that time we expect to remove between 8 and 10 barge loads of mud which will then be relocated to Hurst narrows during the ebb tide.

For those of you that like trivia the 250 tons per barge empties out in 4.5 seconds and the combined weight equates to between 2000 and 2500 tons of mud or the equivalent weight of 197 of the new Route Master London double decker bus, or 8 Boeing 747 aircraft, which ever way you look at it a lot of mud!

Also in the last month we have installed the new water and power supplies as far as the bridgehead in addition to data cabling, and we have bored a hole through the sea wall above the height of HAT to allow these services out on the new pontoons, so it's fair to say the project is gathering momentum.


Further details of the project, including more photos, and blog updates can be found on the club website.

Andrew Eady
Pontoon Project Team
January Week 1 - 2016
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