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Peter Andreae Trophy

Sunday 27th December


Volunteer Roster


Event Instructions
1. Competitors are asked to be at the Club by 0900hrs in order to help rig scows and leave time to register in.
2. All competitors MUST have registered before the briefing at 0945hrs. The first start will be as near 1000hrs as possible.

Note: Late entries cannot be accepted.

3. The racing will be held in Scows. Younger and smaller helms will be permitted to take other junior crews.
4. Competitors must be Members of the Club and under 21 years of age on the 27th December 2020.
5. Competitors will be divided up into three groups (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) for the purpose of awarding the prize money. Your date of birth is ESSENTIAL when entering below.
6. The event will be run in a series of heats or races depending on the numbers and a final incorporating an equal number of competitors from each group.
7. The Chief Race Officer is To Be Confirmed.
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