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J/80 National Championships 2019

 Saturday 24, Sunday 25 & Monday 26 August


The Organising Authority is the Royal Lymington Yacht Club in conjuction with the UK J/80 Class Association.

Please accept the following entry:

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Entry Fee

Up to 9th August

Late Entry Fee

After 9th August

Entry Fee Includes: 

  • Berthing at Berthon Marina from Friday 23rd  – Monday 26th August.
  • Car parking at the marina.
  £195 £220

Additional Extras: 

  • Lift in and mast-step afternoon / early eve Friday 17th
  • Lift out and mast-unstep afternoon Monday 20th
  • Trailer storage


(Free to the
first 5 entries)
  • Extended stay – Berthing
  £16 per day £16 per day
  • Extended stay - Trailer Storage
  £6 per day £6 per day

Online Entry Disclaimer

I hereby acknowledge that in entering for this event I have read, understood and accept the provisions in the Notice of Race and I agree to be bound by the Rules that apply to this event and agree that my boat will conform to the requirements set out in the Notice of Race throughout the event”  If the Person in Charge will be under 18 years of age at any time while racing, then a ‘Junior Disclaimer’ is required to be signed by their legal parent or guardian for this entry to be valid. If under 8 years of age, endorsement of capability to race from the Junior Class Head of Section is also required.  Only one disclaimer or endorsement is required per person in any one calendar year.

I also confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the ‘15. Data Declaration’ specified in the Club’s General Notice of Race

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