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Lymington River Scows

Lymington River Scows

Scows have sailed on the Lymington River for over a hundred years! The first Scows were built in early 1900's and quickly proved successful as both a sailing and rowing dinghy. It was so ideally suited as a tender to larger yachts that many builders along the East and South Coast built Scows. It was also one of the first dinghies to change successfully from clinker to construction in glass fibre, with a smooth skin inside, and it is amazing just how many of these and their older clinker counterparts are still sailing today.

The virtues of the Scow remain the same today - you can sail, row, race, potter or even fit it with an outboard. The current version is now the Lymington River Scow built locally in GRP by John Claridge Boatbuilders. A Scow will last for years and will become a family favourite over many generations.

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Scow Fleet

Over 200 of our members participate in our Lymington River Scow fleet, in more than 100 boats. This includes non-owners who join in our events and give the sailors great support at sea and onshore throughout the year. Any club member may join the Scow fleet and take part in activities. Members who don’t yet own a Scow can hire one of the two Scows owned by the Club, Valmai II and Praline.

Great boats + a crowd of friendly people = fabulous sailing + loads of fun!

The Scow Fleet organises events throughout the year, designed to provide something for every sailor to enjoy. A regular and active programme is organised including class racing and weekly potters (cruising in company) during the sailing season and talks, walks and suppers in the winter. 

In addition to our club Scow Fleet, the Lymington River Scow Class Association organises events during the season.

Lymington Scow Potters

Scow Potters take place on Thursdays from April until the end of October. A convivial morning sail accompanied by a support boat. In 2021 the Scow Potters start on Thursday 15th April and end on Thursday 28th October.

Click here to download a printable summary of key Scow events in the 2021 calendar.

Scow Training

The club organises race training and coaching for Scow sailors during the season.

Regular Scow Racing

Monday Evening Dinghy Racing

Monday Evening Dinghy Racing takes place from April to September at 18:00, with five class starts including a start for the Lymington River Scows. There are regularly over 30 Scows afloat split into two fleets, with the keener competitors sailing in Gold and those who are looking for a less intense racing experience opting for Silver. The key thing is that the competitors choose for themselves in which fleet to race.The season is divided into two series – the early series from April to June and the late series from June to September. In addition, we organise an Autumn Series for Scows every Monday evening in September at 17:00. 

More information and ENTER Monday Evening Dinghy Racing

Lymington River Scow Racing

In the summer on three Tuesday evenings there are a series of three short races, followed by a Figure of Eight Race in August:
  • Scow Hinxman Trophy: Tuesday 22 June 2021
  • Scow Alexina Trophy: Tuesday 6 July 2021
  • Scow Captain's Trophy: Tuesday 20 July 2021
  • Scow Figure of Eight Race: Sunday 29 August 2021

Enter the Lymington River Scow racing series online here. 

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Participants shall be guided by the RYA document Sailing & Racing in Mixed Households and by the control measures outlined in the Royal Lymington Yacht Club risk assessments for Dinghy Sailing and SUP, Pontoon and On The Water Activities and Clubhouse Operations.

Walks, Talks and Activities Ashore!

Scow Walks

Scows Walks take place on Thursday mornings over the winter months, from the time the Potters stop in the Autumn until they start again in April. Walks are led by a different volunteer each week so start points and routes vary. Walks are mostly of one and a half to two hours’ duration. Usually, we gather in time for a 10:30 departure and finish at about 12:30 in time for a pub lunch. The ‘Strollers’ group, for those who wished to take part but cover a shorter distance than the ‘Striders', usually meet at 11:00 hours, take a shorter route and aim to be at the pub before 'Striders'.

Leaders are asked to give a good description of their walk so that members can decide whether the walk is suitable for them. Once a month we meet at the Club for a sea wall walk. The walks success depends on members being prepared to lead walks.

Scow Fleet Members can request an e-mail notification of each walk. 

2020/21 Season – Last walk Thursday 8th April 2021
2021/22 Season – First walk Thursday 4th November 2021

Scow Talks and Suppers

A series of talks and suppers during the winter. Details of each talk and supper evening will be posted here.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 1st November 2021 – Scow Division AGM and Annual Dinner
Monday 6th December 2021 – Scow Christmas Cheer

Join our Scow Fleet!

The Scow fleet is keen to welcome new members of any age. If you would like to crew, please e-mail the Fleet Captain.
Captain of Scows: Vince Sutherland
Vice-Captain: Melissa Carrell
Treasurer/Secretary: Brendan Nellis
Walks Coordinator: Frances Evans
Potters Coordinator: Graham Neal
Race Secretary: Catherine Maguire
Lymington River Scow Class Association (LRSCA):