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30/05/2022 13:50:09

Centenary Regatta Day and Festival

At our Centenary Regatta Day and Apr├Ęs Sail Festival on Saturday 18th June there will be fun activities on the water and ashore for all members, their families and crew. Register your entry and book your food tickets now!

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21/05/2022 09:08:43

Lymington Optimist Open

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May we look forward to welcoming sailors and their families to our Lymington Optimist Open. Find here important event information.

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03/05/2022 18:46:43

Club History Coffee Mornings

Monthly coffee mornings will be starting on Wednesday 22nd June frrom 11:00 at the Club.  A fabulous opportunity to meet informally and reminisce about friends and days of old.

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03/05/2022 17:05:14

BBQ Party with the Goodfoot Band LIVE

Our XOD Fleet invite all RLymYC Members to join them in celebrating their Centenary XOD Week on Saturday 4th June for a BBQ and party with the Goodfoot Band!  Booking is open now!

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