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Cruising, training and much more for those who prefer power over sail.

Motorboating at Royal Lymington Yacht Club


Our motorboat division goes from strength to strength, with a number of our members favouring power over sail for quick and easy jaunts on the Solent. Many of our family members have RIBs, enabling fun family 'spins' with accompanying wakeboards and ringos, as well as additional safety boat coverage for junior dinghy sailing.

An interesting statistic is that for every sailboat sold, there are 10 powerboats sold! We welcome new motorboating members, who benefit from our excellent waterfront and clubhouse facilities, including overnight mooring on our private pontoon with electricity and water, tenders to borrow, outboard locker, expert boatmen on hand every day and a launch service to/from river moorings. 

We offer an extensive programme of motor cruising for those hoping to explore the Solent. A wide variety of events is planned for each month throughout the season by our Cruising Sub-Committee. All Members are welcome to participate in cruising events. 

A respected RYA Training Centre, we provide PB2 courses throughout the year. In additon, younger members can take part in our Junior Powerboat Club and work towards their PB2. 

WINTER 2023/2024

The motorboat has really come of age with regular events, cruising chats every 2nd  Tuesday evening during the winter months starting in October and winter lectures again. The group boasts approaching 110 people on the Motorboat What’s App which disseminates information about our events and tit- bits of information interesting to Motorboaters
There is an event every month (weather permitting) except for August when everyone is on their own event, which is summer holidays. Winter months tend to be more local and, on the mainland, or at Yarmouth. If the weather is bad, we can get in our cars or a ferry to still get together. This last summer we have been to Chichester, Cowes many points West and even one member to Epernay.

We have 3 out of the 4 Motorboat lectures arranged. Sailpower for big ships, Power in the Royal Navy from the past to the future and funnily enough a tale of a trip to Epernay!

Having said there is an event every month in fact October 2023 there are 3 events including a night navigation for those who wish to have this experience lead by Steve Billett.
Any queries do get in touch with Nick Ryley'

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The biggest power fleet in the Club comprises RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and Axopars. The latter are fast, sea-worthy craft with shelter/cabin. They combine well with RIBS, in that the shallow draft enables tidal areas to be explored. The RIBAX group has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. The first outing was a voyage around the Isle of Wight, comprising of 10 boats with 50 people on board, who took lunch at Seaview on the way round. The 2020 trip took a small group up the River Itchen to the reed beds in the upper reaches of the navigable waters, passing the working waterfront of Southampton on the way.

Day Cruiser Group

Sometimes lovingly known as "Patio Doors" or “Peche Promenades,” day cruisers are typically up to about 30 feet, with big cockpits, outboard and inboard motors, a good cabin and ideal for the Solent and family fun. The makes are well known, Beneteau Antares, Jeanneau Merryfisher, Orkney and Hardy to name but a few. A number of our members own day cruisers and enjoy jaunts along the Solent coast and beyond. Our cruising programme includes day cruises, weekend meets and longer jaunts throughout the season.

Powerboat Fleet (30-50ft)

Our power fleet includes vessels 30 to 50 ft that are based in and around the Solent. Some of our members own larger craft, mostly based in the Mediterranean. Powerboats are welcome to join our regular cruises throughout the season, including day cruises, weekend meets and longer rallies.

Cruising Events

Our cruising events are tailored to various power craft types: 1 = RIBs and Axopars 2 = Cruise speed 8k 3 = cruise speed over 15k 4 = cruise speed over 20k. Our Cruising Programme includes details of which category of motorboat are best suited to each cruising event.

Cruising Programme