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Nordic Folkboat Point Series

2023 Folkboat Points Series

The core of our Nordic Folkboat racing is the Saturday Points Series and the Wednesday Points Series, both of which run from April to October. Most races are scheduled to have a warning signal at 13:45 (perhaps an hour earlier towards the end of October) and generally run for around 2 hours. Multiple discards remove the need to start all races, thereby allowing flexibility to accommodate both crew availability and prevailing weather conditions.
2022 Saturday Points Series: 23 April - 29 October
2022 Wednesday Points Series: 27 April - 26 October

Event Messaging System

In addition to the Official Notice Board, the Organising Authority may send messages to
competitors and support persons via the Event Messaging System, Telegram.
Telegram is similar to WhatsApp but has better privacy (phone numbers are not public), does not limit groups to 150 people and allows new arrivals to see existing messages.
Please download Telegram for your Smart Phone and/or Laptop prior to the event from the links on
Then join the groups for the Folkboat Points Series below by following the links:
Broadcast & Queries: Messages from and too the Organising Authority and Race Committee:

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The speed of answers may vary and may be sent via the broadcast group. Please use this facility as sparingly as possible and certainly not for chat or it will lose its effectiveness.

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