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Our Centenary

Join us in celebrating 100 years in 2022!

Our Centenary

Join us in celebrating 100 years in 2022!

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo

1922: Our Centenary Year

Celebrating 100 Years of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

2022 will be an incredibly special year, the club will be celebrating 100 years since its foundation in 1922. The Centenary Year will launch at our New Year's Eve party on 31 December 2021. We are planning a year of celebrations, building on our existing successful annual events on and off the water including a Centenary Regatta Day and Festival, and a Spectacular Centenary Party. We hope that our patron, HRH the Princess Royal, will be able to visit the Club during 2022.

Key Dates

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo 31 December 2021 - New Year's Eve Party

Join us for the countdown to 2022!

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo19 March 2022 - 1922 Celebration Dinner

Formal black-tie dinner with cocktails, guest speaker and casino.

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo7 May 2022 - Vintage and Classics Exhibition

A display of vintage vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bicycles and of course dinghies outside the club (see below for more information!)

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo18 June 2022 - Centenary Regatta Day and Festival

Racing and adventures afloat for all. Apr├Ęs-sail festival with live music, street food and games for all the family.

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Centenary Logo3 September 2022 - Centenary Party

Party like it's 1922! A late night full of fun, cocktails, fine food and dancing.

Many more fantastic events to be announced... watch this space!


Our History

Explore the history of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club since its foundation in 1922 at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club History website.

The archives of Royal Lymington Yacht Club were largely lost in the great flood of 1989 when much of Bath Road and both clubs were inundated. An attempt was made to save them and they languished in a container outside the club until they were rediscovered. An official Club Archivist was appointed to oversee their preservation.

Can you help?

Our Centenary events will be even more special if they can be brought to life by historic club memorabilia, pictures and stories. Please contact the club office if you are able to help.

The Centenary Logo

The club's Centenary Logo is based on the winning logo design by club member Suzanne Judah.

Vintage and Classics Exhibition - Can you help?

We proposed to have vintage vehicles including cars, motorcycles and vintage bicycles displayed in a reserved area in front of the club, and also to have suitable vintage dinghies in the area outside the office, displayed and curated on Saturday 7th May 2022. Any "exhibits" should, ideally, be of suitable age and type. 

So, if you have an early/classic vehicle you would be prepared to show, or if you have a classic dinghy (such as a wooden scow, Lymington Pram, Oxey bird, Finn, Firefly, 14ft International) please can you get in touch with Tom McEwen on 01590-675397 or email: