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Crew Match

Matching boat owners seeking crew with those looking for crewing opportunities.

Looking for crew or a boat to race on?

There is a Crew Match telegram group for racers which allows skippers to post that they require crew and for crew to post that they are looking to crew on a boat.

First you will need to download the telegram App on your phone.  Once you have done this then follow the link to sign up:

Cruiser-Racer Crew Match

You’ll only see messages that arrive after your date of sign-up – there is no backward view of previous posts.
Crew-Match only works if both sides remain active i.e. do not post just once and forget.  Both skippers and crew should post frequently whenever they are looking for a crew or boat.  Here is the format to use:
Skippers should give: Name and Type of boat, type of crew required and specific date and timing – for example: “Temptation, a Regatta 290 requires one crew for next Thursday racing, crew must be available from 17:00”
Crew should give: Name and sailing experience, type of boat sought and availability dates and times – for example: “Rene, some dinghy racing experience, looking to crew on a racing cruiser for Thursday Evening Keelboat racing available most Thursdays from 17:00”