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Crane Services

All lifts and season tickets must be paid for at the time of booking.
Season ticket is valid for six activities e.g. Launch, Four Scrubs & Lift out or Six Scrubs. Unused season ticket lifts will not be carried forward from one season to the next.
Unless otherwise arranged with the boatmen, owners are required to be in attendance for all lifts, except XODs.
The crane lift charges will be reviewed and updated annually by the Sailing Committee and the Finance Sub-committee and endorsed by the General Committee.
To book a crane lift either use the link above or please call 01590 672677


2021 Crane Charges

Launch From Trailer £53
Mast Step / Unstep / Re-step - Using Derrick £25.50
Launch & Step Mast £73.50
Lift & Re-Launch £53
Lift, Scrub & Re-Launch Or To Trailer £73.50
Unstep Mast, Lift, Scrub & To Trailer £89.50
Season Ticket* £318
Extra Lift, Scrub & Return (Season Ticket Holders Only) £60.50
Class Organised Scrubbing Day - Lift & Scrub £44
Load Cell Supplement £16
Non Member: Single Crane Movement £174.00
Non Member: Lift, Scrub & Relaunch/Trailer £218.00