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Motor Boating in the Royal Lymington Yacht Club Today

Definition of a Yacht – “Power or Sail vessel used for pleasure or cruising or racing”.

Please see 2021 “Sailing and Motorboat Program” for powerboats events for this year, from Ribs to Distance Motor Cruisers.

The biggest fleet in the Club comprises RIBs, of which there are an indeterminate number, many being secondary vessels and at present not recorded on the Club’s files.  This group has enjoyed a club activity under the heading “RIBAX” last year and this year. The first outing was a voyage Round the Isle of Wight, comprised of 10 boats with 50 people on board, who took lunch at Seaview on the way round. The 2020 trip took a small group up the River Itchen to the reed beds in the upper reaches of the navigable waters, passing the working waterfront of Southampton on the way.

The “AX” part of “RIBAX” comprises a new group, growing quickly in the Club, called AXOPARS. These are fast, sea worthy craft with a shed on top that provides the shelter missing on most RIBs. They combine well with RIBS, in that the shallow draft enables tidal areas to be explored.

Another group that has grown substantially in the last years is the PDG fleet, the acronym, light-heartedly standing for “Patio Doors Group”.  These are what the French call “Peche Promenade, typically up to about 30 feet, with big cockpits, outboard and inboard motors, a good cabin and ideal for the Solent and family fun. The makes are well known, Beneteau Antares, Jeanneau Merryfisher, Orkney and Hardy to name but a few. A recent survey came up with at least 40 such boats in the Club and it is hoped to have a rally for them in 2021.

Finally, there is a power fleet from 30 to 50 ft in and around the Solent. There are some larger craft owned by members but these are in the Mediterranean. Again, a target is to have a get together in 2021 for the Solent based boats.
An interesting statistic is that for every sailboat sold, there are 10 powerboats sold, so this area of boating is extremely popular and one that the title of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club encompasses.

All the above groups fall under the remit of the Cruising sub Committee, who administer the calendar and organise via the committee members with a powerboat interest. See the "Cruising Programme" page for details of the calendar.