Lymington XOD Division 2021

Wednesday and Saturday Points Series
Including Lymington XOD Week, Alastair Easton and Bobby Bonger Series
The complete Notice of Race for this series is a combination of the General Club Notice of Race, the Supplement to the Notice of Race and this Entry Form.
Please accept the following entry:

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Entry and fees:


Lymington Division boats - £100

Visiting boats wishing to take part in multiple events/races - £50

Visiting boats wishing to take part in a single event e.g. Late Summer Series or Autumn Series. - £35

Visiting Boats:

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Online Entry Disclaimer

I hereby acknowledge that in entering for this event I have read, understood and accept the provisions in the Notice of Race and I agree to be bound by the Rules that apply to this event and agree that my boat will conform to the requirements set out in the Notice of Race throughout the event” 

I specifically confirm that I have read and understood the Royal Lymington Yacht Club Safety Regulations that apply to this event as specified in Appendix XSR of this Notice of Race.

I, my crew and our support persons understand that our personal data may be used for the purposes of the event and the application of the rules.  Further information can be found in the Club’s ‘Privacy Statement’ on the website.



    Please supply email addresses for the Divisional circulation list & TAC database.

Managing Owner

Email address:


Email address:


Email address:

I/We are the Owner/Co-Owners and have read the latest Rules and Specifications of the XOD Class Association, and declare that my/our boat conforms to these regulations in all respects, and specifically:


1. Compensating weights as specified on the Class Certificate are affixed in the Positions as laid down under Class Rule D.7.3

If answered YES to the above, then state the total weight (kg) thereof:

If answered NO, is the boat above the minimum weight of 1304kg (2875lbs) without compensating weights?

2. The boat carries safety equiptment as required under Appendix XSR of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club XOD Supplement to NoR and under Class Rule C.4.1.

3. I/We have read and understood Section B.7 of the Class Rules

4. The following repairs & alterations have been carried out to the hull and/or spars since the last 5 year boat check, other than painting & varnishing:

I hereby acknowledge that;
I/We accept that my/our boat may be inspected at any time by the Divisional Captain or nominated representative.
I/We confirm that the boat is fully insured for racing with a minimum legal liability of £2million.
I/We understand that this declaration MUST be submitted to the Divisional Technical Representative (or nominated representative) at least 24hrs before the boat's first Race. Please allow an additional 48hrs for the Office to process the papers. 
There shall be no retrospective scoring for boats that race before a completed Boat Declaration is recorded on the 2019 Entries page of the Club website as having been despached to the Division's Technical Representative. 

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You will then receive an email confirming your entry, for further information contact Vicky Leen at the RLymYC on 01590 672677.
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