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Monday Evening Dinghy Racing

2021 Monday Evening Dinghy Racing

Early and Late Series

Scow Late Series Results

Monday Evening Dinghy racing offers 5 class starts for LR Scows and Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) handicap fleets.  Scow sailors can choose whether to sail in the Gold or Silver fleet; other dinghy classes are allocated to PY fleets. Races start and finish in the river, except at very low tides or south-easterly winds when a committee boat start is used in the Solent.

For 2021, entry is online only. Sailors take their numbered tally from the board to register going afloat and coming back ashore. The racing is scored through the season as an Early Series, Late Series and Scow Autumn Series. There is also a Pursuit Race scheduled on 2nd August.  Note there is no race on 23rd August (during the Junior Regatta).

Early Series: 12 April - 14 June 2021
Late Series: 28 June - 30 August 2021
Autumn Scow Series: 6 - 27 September 2021

Competitor Online Briefing: Monday 5 April 2021 18:00 - click here to join
Volunteer Online Briefing: Monday 5 April 2021 18:45 - click here to join


Click here to ENTER the 2021 Monday Evening Dinghy Series

We are very lucky to have our racing run by a dedicated team of volunteers; if you or your partner would be interested in helping on a Monday please contact the Club office.

Participants shall be guided by the RYA document Sailing & Racing in Mixed Households and by the control measures outlined in the Royal Lymington Yacht Club risk assessments for Dinghy Sailing and SUP, Pontoon and On The Water Activities and Clubhouse Operations.

Pursuit Race Information and Documentation