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Needles Relief

2022 Needles Relief

Saturday 10 December 2022

This traditional festive charity event will be held at the Royal Solent Yacht Club on Saturday 10 December 2022. All Club members and their guests are welcome to sail or motor, race or cruise or take the ferry to this well-supported fun festive event organised by RLymYC and RSYC in aid of the Lymington and Yarmouth Lifeboats. We encourage all who take part in Club racing or cruising, either regularly or occasionally, to participate.

Entries Open from: TBD

Book your lunch by: TBD

Latest date of entry for the race: TBD


The Notice of Race is below and Sailing Instructions are below. Please note the location of the finishing line as a number of yachts have failed to cross it in the past!

Key timings

There will be a staggered start for racers from the Royal Lymington Yacht Club line, warning signal at 0855hrs; finish at the Royal Solent Yacht Club at the latest 1145hrs, before the lifeboats arrive.

If you plan to cruise, meet in the Royal Solent Yacht Club before the start of the Lifeboat demonstration (subject to weather and operational requirements) at approximately 12.00hrs.

All crew members are asked to donate at least £1 per head ‘landing fee’ for the RNLI at the exit gate to the pontoons, as are those travelling by ferry - a box will be located at the entrance to the RSYC.

Please note that the harbour will not charge any mooring fees providing you have either a race or cruise ticket.

Lunch at Royal Solent Yacht Club

Lunch should be booked in advance at the Club Office or online.

Presentation at the Royal Solent Yacht Club

There will be a presentation of prizes to the race winners, to commence at approximately 13.00hrs. All crews are encouraged to attend, even if not lunching at the RSYC. Gifts to the Yarmouth and Lymington RNLI crews and the Yarmouth Harbour Master will follow the presentation of the race prizes.

Booking and costs

All entry fees and the landing fee, both racing and cruising, form a direct contribution to our local Lifeboats in Lymington and Yarmouth.
For race entries, please complete the race entry form and pay £15 per boat to the Club Office where you will receive a ticket that entitles you to a free Yacht Berth at Yarmouth on presentation. Racers will also receive Sailing Instructions with their ticket.

Cruisers also receive a ticket with the same entitlement upon payment to the Club Office of £15. We ask also that cruisers and those travelling by ferry please complete the attendance form displayed on the noticeboard in the Club foyer.