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Penguin Trophy

Penguin Trophy

One of the club’s most coveted prizes, often attracting Olympic-level sailors

The origins of the Penguin Trophy are clouded in mystery! Midway through Ian Gawn's tenure as Club Secretary, probably early in the 2000s, a box arrived in the mail which, on opening, revealed a beautiful silver model of a penguin. The box contained a note to the effect that the trophy had been won in 1939 by a member of the sender's family, packed away on the outbreak of World War 2, and had only recently come to light, when the family was clearing a loft. Sadly, there were no contact details for the sender. Ian decided that the penguin would make an admirable award for a winter sailing event.

Penguin Trophy 2021 Results

Wednesday 28th December 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 winners and to all who took part:

1st - Hannah Froud and Nik Froud
2nd - Emma McEwen and Luke McEwen
3rd - Kirstie Urwin and Robbie Urwin
4th - Hattie Rogers and Max Crowe

Photos by Paul French

2022 Penguin Trophy

Wednesday 28th December 2022

A fun festive event for competitors and spectators!

The event will be sailed in Lymington River Scows which will be allocated to competitors from a pool of loaned and Wednesday Junior Sailing boats. Competitors will be allocated a different boat for each race.

Helms must be Members of the Club and aged 18 years or over. The boats shall be raced double-handed, with a minimum combined crew age of 35 years.

Boat Hire Fee: £15
Boat Damage Deposit: £250 per boat
Start and finish near Club Pontoon unless conditions prohibit.
Entries close at 09.30
First race start not before 10.00
Event finish by 13.30