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Scow Winter Events

Scow Fleet Winter Events

Scow Walks

Scows Walks take place on Thursday mornings over the winter months, from the time the Potters stop in the Autumn until they start again in April. Walks are led by a different volunteer each week therefore start points and routes vary. Walks are mostly of two to two and a half hours duration. Usually, Striders gather for a 10:30 departure and finish at about 12:30 in time for a pub lunch. The ‘Strollers’ group, for those who wished to take part but cover a shorter distance than the ‘Striders', meet at 11:00 hour and aim to be at the pub before 'Striders'.

Leaders are requested to provide the Walks Coordinator ( with a clear description of their walk so that Members may decide whether the walk is suitable for them. Once a month we meet at the Club for a sea wall walk. The walks success depends on members being prepared to lead walks.

Scow Division Members who have provided the walks coordinator with their email address will receive an e-mail notification in advance indicating the time and location and scope of the next week's walk.
2021/22 Season – First walk Thursday 4th November 2021
2021/22 Season -  Last walk Thursday 7th April 2022

A schedule of planned walks may be found by clicking on the link: Walkschedule. This is a dynamic document and reader will note that there are dates in 2022 to which walk leaders have not yet been allocated and participants may contact the coordinator should they be willing to volunteer to fill these gaps by leading a walk.

Scow Talks and Suppers

A series of talks and suppers during the winter. Details of each talk and supper evening will be posted here.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 6th December 2021 – Scow Christmas Cheer

Join our Scow Fleet!

The Scow fleet is keen to welcome new members of any age. If you would like to join, please e-mail the Fleet Captain.
Captain of Scows: Vince Sutherland
Vice-Captain: Melissa Carrell
Treasurer/Secretary: Brendan Nellis
Walks Coordinator: Doug Rogerson
Potters Coordinator: Vince Sutherland
Race Secretary: Catherine Maguire
Lymington River Scow Class Association (LRSCA):