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Cruising Awards

RLymYC Cruising Awards

Each November, all club members are invited to submit a log, or other account giving details of their cruises during the season just ending (or earlier seasons if there is a good reason for the delay!). 

The report should be submitted to the Captain of Cruising by email as a pdf attachment not exceeding 25mb, with individual photos reduced to 1mb. The deadline is 31 January in the following year. Logs can include any mix of text, photographs and charts.

All Logs will be placed on this page, to enable electronic access by members.

Cruising Awards Archive ‚Äč

The submitted Logs will be assessed by a panel of Cruising Sub-Committee members, who will award the Crusing Trophies.
These can be awarded both to owners and their crews and to those chartering yachts. Submissions will be judged primarily on what has been achieved, rather than the standard of submission, with the exception of the Senior Brownlow Cup, where the quality of the narrative may be taken into account.

Cruising Awards:

  • Seamanship Trophy: awarded for a feat of seamanship or navigation by a club member. A board listing the winners is displayed in the clubhouse
  • XII Bar Blues Trophy: awarded to encourage and reward the use of modern technologies in creating blogs for a particular cruise
  • John and Angie Bailey Trophy: awarded for a lifetime achievement in sailing
  • Cadiz Cup: awarded for a significant and demanding cruise under sail
  • Quains Cup: awarded for a significant cruise under sail
  • Fen Dawn Cup: awarded to a motor cruiser for a significant cruise
  • Senior Brownlow Cup: awarded for the best narrative submitted by either a sailing yacht or motor cruiser
  • Channel Trophy: awarded for consistent support over the cruising season of rallies organised by the Cruising Sub-Committee; can be awarded to both sailing yachts or motor cruisers
  • Junior Brownlow Cup: awarded to a young family who have undertaken a challenging cruise, taking into account the age of the children, or to a member, whether junior or family under the age of 18, who has made a significant contribution to a cruise either as a skipper or member of crew

Suggested topics to cover in your logs

Places visited (a simple track chart helps); weather and sea encountered; documentation requirements; berthing arrangements including availability, cost and facilities; mooring and anchoring issues; fuel and water availability and cost; provisioning issues; eating out; any particular incidents, excitements and challenges; lessons learnt for the benefit of others; photos or sketches that enhance the text.